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Top 5 Myths about Drug Addiction

Canada has a large amount of citizens that battle drug addictions on a daily basis. Contrary to popular belief, drug addicts come from every walk of life and from every area from Toronto to Vancouver, Halifax to Calgary and in every smaller city in between.

Drug addiction also comes in many forms as some people may find themselves addicted to marijuana, others to prescription drugs, and still others to more serious drugs. If you have a loved one in who is battling a drug addiction you need to read the following top five myths about drug addiction.

Only weak people get addicted to drugs

Due to the fact that drug abuse is hard to understand for someone who has never been in the grasp of a drug many people believe that only weak people succumb to regular drug use. However, drug addiction affects all walks of life reaching as far as to reach clergy, teachers, police officers, and professors.

In order for rehab to work the drug addict must decide to go

This is the largest myth that surrounds drug addiction. While there is a larger ratio of success for those who agree to go on their own, loving family and friends and even the law can force a drug addict into rehab. Oftentimes with enough support once the addict starts the program they are able to fully recover much in the same way as if they had entered on their own.

Drug addiction is a choice

While the first time that a person tries a drug is usually by choice, drug addicts do not choose to become addicted. There are chemicals in each drug that alter the chemicals in the brain forcing a person to become addicted.

There is a magic remedy drug to beat addiction

There are some drugs that can help those battling addiction to ease the pain of withdrawal, but every person responds differently. Additionally, in order to truly beat drug addiction more is needed then just a pill.

I can quit on my own

If this were a true fact drug addiction would not be a problem. Drug addiction usually becomes both a mental and physical help problem that requires aid to actually beat. Do not be afraid to ask for help for your loved one. Call today 1-888-488-8434


Are Prescription Medications a Problem in Canada

People often feel that prescription drugs are safer as compared to illegal drugs.  Prescription drugs are more readily available to teenagers who more times to none steal or utilize their own parent’s prescription drugs.

Prescription pills are intended for those who they were prescribed for

One fact needs to be stressed about prescription drugs.  Taking prescription pills, which do not belong to you, is illegal.  Prescription pills are supposed to be taken under the guidance of medical professionals.  There are numerous side effects, which could happen from abusing prescription drugs.  The ultimate side effect is possible death.

Always be aware of your prescription pills in your medicine cabinets

Prescription drug problems in Canada

Parents need to be aware of their prescription pills and how much they had in the prescription bottles.  Parents need to take important safeguards in protecting their teenagers from abuse of prescription pills.  Make sure you are always aware of how many pills are in your prescription bottles.  Always throw away the pills, which you no longer need.

Talk to your teens about prescription drug abuse

Talk to your teenagers about prescription drug abuse and the punishments not only by law but also by you will be.  Become attuned to the behaviors of your teenagers.  Are they acting odd?  Weird?  If so, they could possibly be abusing prescription drugs.

Early intervention and early communication is the key to educating teens today

Teenagers who have parents who discuss with them the risks of abusing prescription drugs are far less likely to abuse drugs.  This is a sure sign that if parents talk to their children about prescription drug abuse that this is a means of early intervention.  Parents need to discuss the dangers of prescription drug abuse before it is too late.  You do not want your teens to become merely a statistic.  Talk with them openly and honestly about prescription drug abuse.  Parents are the front lines to battling prescription drug abuse.



New Years drug and alcohol message

How many times have we heard the phrase “don’t drink and drive” or is this familiar “haven’t you had enough” or even better “ah, one for the road”. If any of these are familiar I am sure you were enjoying the party and the New Year celebrations.

Celebrating New Years is a long tradition and with it are usually lots of cheering and words of good tidings to one another. There is however another side to this great festive event and it is directed to those who may have some personal issues with substance abuse. Drinking can become a disaster for family and friends, drug abuse can become a trauma that lands someone in the emergency ward, not a good way to start the New Year.

Before you decide to go out with friends and family to celebrate the New Year, asks yourself this: what is my limit? And when do I say enough is enough? Its okay to say no at the next drink or the next line of cocaine being distributed. No one wants to be a statistic or find themselves with a warrant for their arrest; it’s just not worth it.

By all means have fun and celebrate the New Year just be sure to be in the New Year to share your life changes with friends and family, be temperate with your celebration intake. We don’t have to be drunk and unconscious to have fun.




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