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Drug Rehab Expert

When speaking of a Rehab Expert we are actually talking about an experienced addiction referral counselor. This is a person who has worked in the field of substance abuse. They have personally worked with people who have struggled with a wide variety of substances from illicit drugs and medication to alcohol. Their sole purpose is to assist you in finding the most suitable private facility to aid your loved one arrive and return to their former self. We do this by working with you and the addict and get you referred to where help is best adapted to your situation and needs. Just call 1-888-488-8434

Drug Rehab Centers

Recognizing the amount of complexities families go through whenever a loved one is found to be struggling with some form of addiction is why we offer our services. The amount of lies discovered, the betrayals, the sleepless worries, the fear of a phone call from the police or even the morgue is part and parcel of this situation. Expecting a father, a mother, a brother or a son to just calmly go ahead and find a drug rehab center can be difficult. Our counselors have years of experience working in the field of substance abuse, they have worked in treatment facilities and have recovered from their own personal addiction struggles. One can learn about addiction in a classroom but you can only get experience in the subject by being part of and dealing directly with those fighting their addiction.

Drug Addiction


Drug addiction simply means that the person has been consuming some form of mind altering substance that has now gone beyond the point of casual use and is unable to stop their use. Drugs and alcohol tend to accumulate in the body, even if in minute amounts there is always a certain residual amount that stays in the body. Each time a person indulges in drug use it gives them a certain effect, as the residues increases the effect diminishes so larger doses are needed to achieve the desired effect. This phenomenon is called tolerance.
You will find that there are many observable symptoms that tell whether a person is abusing drugs or alcohol, but it requires that one look, and realize what they see. Most drug addicts and alcoholic will have the ability to hide their usage but sooner or later they break down.

Our Purpose to Help

Our purpose is to help you; the family member or friend, to bring assistance to someone you care about and who is losing their struggle with addiction. Over time we have been able to establish good relations with dozens of private drug rehab centers across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax. Each of them are well established addiction treatment facilities and each will offer various services like; Physicians, Psychologist, Nurses, various types of Therapists, etc. You can also find a large choice in physical surroundings like; single or shared occupancy, mountain views, water fronts, prairie environment or closer to the city. All the private facilities will focus on highly nutritional menus and taking into consideration each person’s individual needs.

Drug Rehab Centers & Private Healthcare


Choosing the right drug rehab center

Over the years the private healthcare sector for drug rehabilitation has changed, in that, it now can be more affordable to get health care treatment. From the west coast to the east coast there is an affordable and suitable private drug rehab center that will meet your needs and personal situation. Call our toll free number and let us help you find what will work in your case.

Every addict has his or her own personal issues and having the right drug rehab center program and surroundings is a key factor in anyone’s recovery. A person may find it difficult to focus on themselves if their attention is on the bad sanitary conditions, or the food is no better than institutional food. If you want to effectively help your loved one to become drug or alcohol free than make the right move and contact our drug rehab center referral counselor for a free consultation. We want you to be worry free knowing your son or daughter, husband or wife, brother or sister is being well cared for in a well-structured drug rehab center.

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