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Dual Diagnosis & Substance Abuse

Dual Diagnosis
& Substance Abuse

The shame blame and regrets of drug addiction

Dual Diagnosis

What is really meant by ‘dual diagnosis’ and how this is associated to drug addiction or alcohol abuse and what the pharmaceuticals and medico’s are not saying, is probably of interest to any family member dealing with a loved one and their struggle with drug addiction or alcohol abuse.

As with many youths and young adults going out dancing, listening to loud concert or seeing a movie with friends or just a getting together to watch a sporting event these are usually accompanied with alcohol or some illicit drug like marijuana, cocaine or crack and other such drugs. In many cases the alcohol use over time will cause a depressed condition just as drugs taken over time will also have side effects of depression, anxiety and even light or heavy spells of psychosis.

When drugs are taken sporadically, such as only on weekends the euphoria achieved is short lived and the burnt up nutrients in the body are not replenished sufficiently, resulting in depressed feeling, due to burnt up vitamin B, C, A and D, E, etc. not to mention the minerals and proteins. This is the same with alcohol. Added to this is the fact that drugs and alcohol really mess up one’s mind. The mind is the thinking machine of each human being and taking drugs or alcohol is like throwing sand in a gearbox. Eventually something will break.

One day you wake up and you’re not feeling as perky, not as quick witted; sort of heavy and distracted. You brush it off and blame the cloudy day. At the end of the work day the heavy feeling is still there and weights a bit more, you think maybe it’s a cold or just overworked. You decide to take a Sudafed before bed and get a good night sleep. The next day you wake up and though it is sunny out you’re not smiling. You feel something is not right but can’t quite put your finger on it. Weeks go by and still you cannot seem to get that happy “life is great” feeling. So you make an appointment to see your doctor or some local health care provider clinic. You tell him you’re not happy, you feel down or lacking energy. The one thing you don’t tell him is you also do drugs and alcohol every weekend.

The doctor or treating physician prescribes an “anti-depression” for you symptoms. But when your drug or alcohol use becomes out of control and you seek help the consulting addictions counselor doing your assessment find out you are on “anti-depressants” and doing drugs or alcohol. Now you have a new label, dual diagnosis, you’re an addict and suffer depression. This type of situation is happening every day across Canada in almost every city. A simple, and all too common example; wife has child, husband and wife are happy, husband wants affection, wife not “in the mood”, husband is unfaithful and now guilty, arguments begin, family unit is deteriorating. Husband begins to drink more, wife is upset she sees her doctor he prescribes medication. Husband is also loosing vigor and is unhappy, he seeks advice from his doctor and is prescribed his dose of anti-depressants. He still drinks and all goes downhill from there.

People face life problems every day, some are tragic others are physical pain, or emotional upsets, the loss of a job, the betrayal of trust, the lying for fear of telling the truth; all are daily affairs. Lacking real life skills to overcome such issues people seek the “quick fix”. Drugs, including medication and alcohol are temporary fixes, when the substance wears off the problem or pain returns. More drugs are taken and at higher doses to get the same relief. This is the cycle of addiction. When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction; deal with the substance abuse and in the majority of cases there is no more dual diagnosis, but simply a person who can now face life head on and deal with it without artificial means. If you have been labeled “dual-diagnosis” then call for help, especially if it relates to drug or alcohol abuse.


Vancouver Major drug bust

Vancouver Major drug bust


Vancouver BC

If you need help finding a drug rehab center or if someone close to you does call 1-888-488-8434 and speak with one of our private drug rehab addiction counselors.

It’s a well-known fact that Vancouver BC is a major player in the illicit drug trade into British Columbia and throughout Canada. But recent drug bust has put a major dent in the drug trade in metro Vancouver. According to Vancouver Police a long term investigation called Project Trooper has come to its culminating result of arresting 11 individuals in connection with a large quantity of illicit drugs, cash and arms. This is one of many such scenarios across the nation every month.

This is a social situation that can be witnessed from coast to coast and in practically every country on earth today. Throughout history certain herbs and spices have been cultivated and sold in trade, much of which were smuggle and sold on the black market. But never in all of history has there been such a high demand for mind altering drugs used for recreational purposes or for self-medication to overcome all forms of unwanted conditions. The real goal is, money. The amount of profit available from illicit drug trade, whether it’s Pot, cocaine, prescription drugs or any other pharmaceutical drug is many times that of its production cost. If someone wants it and cannot get it, you can charge any price and it will still be bought. Why?

Drugs for Profit

Making Money

Drug deal

In any commerce, even illicit drugs it all comes down to demand and supply. If there is a demand for drugs someone will supply it, for a profit, of course. The idea of paying to get some amount of relief for an emotional or physical pain is very desirable. So why is there so much pain and emotional discord in our present society? It begins with education, over the past forty plus years social structure has shifted. More families have both parents working, child is in daycare, schools have new rules and teachers, the real ones, have less say in how kids should be taught, not to mention high levels of child drugging early on, Ritalin, Prozac, etc. This all leads up to kids and young adults with little or no skills to deal with daily life problems. Despite efforts being made to counter such issues, a rejected teenager will seek out ways to be accepted, doing drugs brings relief to peer pressure and increases your acceptance and other such nonsense. The same can be said for adults.

So even with the drug bust in metro Vancouver or any other metropolis across Canada, why is it that the drug and addiction problem continues to hit our schools and business? Simple, the drug enforcement agency and police spend millions of tax payer’s money in an attempt to cut off the supply. But the real solution is to address the demand. If there was as much or more attention on handling the demand for drugs, illicit or otherwise, chances are kids, teenagers and adults would not want mind altering drugs. Thus the commerce would be useless, no money to be made, no one wants the product.

Drug Prevention & Education

This can only be done by prevention, education and massive media agreement that drugs are bad, and do more harm than good. There is simply not enough being done in this arena, one TV add, and few federal campaigns does little to a struggling society. Real solutions to life are available without resorting to drugs and alcohol.

For information on addiction and treatment available take the time and call one of our addiction and consultation counselors today and ask what your options are before it’s too late, dial 1-888-488-8434 and get your questions answered.


Marijuana to ‘Shatter’

Marijuana to ‘Shatter’

To receive immediate help for addiction to Shatter or any other drug please call 1-888-488-8434 and speak with our professional referral counselor, for help with private drug rehab.

Shatter in Canada

Toronto’s recent discovery of what used to be called Marijuana, pot, ganja, weed, etc. has now been upgraded by vested interest who have created a drug called ‘shatter’. Police in metro Toronto Canada have recently discovered during a drug bust a brittle, caramel colored sticky substance. This drug, called on the streets ‘shatter’, is actually the extracted and highly concentrated active ingredient in Marijuana, THC. The method to extract this ingredient requires clandestine laboratory equipment.


In the US alone within the past year there have been over 30 explosions related to the effort to extract THC from marijuana plants. The recent explosion in Barrie Ontario was related to propane tanks that were suspect in the extraction process to create this so called ‘shatter’ drug. Considering that marijuana joints can have anywhere from 5% to 20% of potency this particular form of THC is up in the 80%, this puts the unsuspecting drug addict in a high risk zone. Any drug is bad for the body and mind but when you don’t know what you’re taking it makes the risk that much more dangerous.

Drug Dealing

The reason drug dealers are always looking for a new way to distribute their product is sometimes based on its addictive nature making first time users immediate long term clients, as seen with crack cocaine. Accessibility is another feature that is sought out for traffickers, some drugs are more difficult to import, being able to make a drug with less risk than attempting to smuggle a drug across the border such as heroin, and is less trouble than simply dealing in Oxycodone or Fentanyl. Canada can grow its own marijuana and decent quality of Pot has been achieved in western Canada but this is bulky and hard to hide or move. With this new form of marijuana, ‘shatter’, a dealer can move a large quantity in a very small space.

Drugs & Society

No matter when in history, society has always found some form of toxin to relieve pain or preform certain rituals. Any substance that alters the mind and general behavior has shown to be counter survival to the best interest of the many. Emergency medical relief is another matter. It’s the continuance or recreational use that is damaging to the person and those around them. The amount of work hours lost every year are astronomical, the numbers of person admitted to an emergency ward for a drug overdose is way above any sentient society as ours. Why people use drugs is a simple story.

Drug Addiction

Emotional pain, physical discomforts, losses, failures, shyness and dozens of other reasons that cause one to live with unwanted feelings, without a real workable solution to these; those are the underlying conditions behind addiction. Drugs, all drugs bring about a numbing of these feelings and to all other feelings, emotions, motivations, etc. but when the drug wears off the condition returns. More drugs are used but also higher dosages are need to get the same effect, known as tolerance. The body becomes accustomed to this toxin and now requires it and this we call addiction.

Help available

Drugs harm the body, mind and soul, there is really no good result from abusing such toxic substances. How you treat your body and mind will increase or decrease your spiritual ability to change the world for the better or for the worse. If you or someone you know is using shatter or any other drug, call us for help today and begin to live drug free and with success.


My Story with Drug Addiction

 My Story with Drug Addiction

Its and interesting thing to experience when you have lived through so many years of hiding behind some illicit drug or alcohol. I can recall some particular times when no one in my family wanted to talk to me, probably because I couldn’t keep up any length of decent conversation. Or times when I broke my promise to the true love of my life that I would not use heroin again only to have her find another eight ball in my jeans. So much hurt, so many betrayals.

My drug addiction was one of multiple uses. It began with marijuana and then hashish. But then I was introduced to a chemical powder known as Peyote or commonly known as mescaline. This was followed by acid, magic mushrooms and heroine, speed and then anything I could get my hands on. All during this time friends would tell me to slow down, stop the chemicals and when I did not listen they walked away. Family could not understand the personality change in my behavior and mannerisms. I was getting lost in the world of addiction.

I tried to stop a many times but the pain of this was unbearable, my mood swings were dangerous to myself and those around me. The worst part was not so much the physical pain but the emotional realization of all the hurt I have cause over the years. And even more painful was observing the loss of my wife and daughter. This was just too much and I found a way to just get the edge off and would sneak in a joint of pot to ease the emotional roller coaster which quickly turned in to more drug use. Again these were always done on my own, never with anyone who really understood addiction and how this really turns on the emotions.

Then one day after hearing of the overdose of a very close friend, a drug buddy, followed shortly after hearing of another personal close friend being arrested for trafficking and sentenced to eight years behind bars that my life was shook to its very core. I had to do something and do it fast or my number would be next. I was scared, nervous, excited and anxious all at the same time. I called my brother, I told him that I am tired and can’t do this anymore, just as I had stated so many times before and was waiting for him to come back with “Ya, heard it before what’s different this time”. To my surprise he said, “Okay let’s get you to rehab today”.

I was shocked, he made a few phone calls, got in touch with a counselor at a private drug rehab treatment program and schedules intake that day. I was in such shock I just followed through with the motions. After the first week I began to regain some clarity of thought and acceptance of where I was. I guess having people who understand you and care about your well-being and progress helps to stay calm and hopeful. I kept questioning myself “how come my brother helped me after so many betrayals”, it was a complete mystery to me. Time went on and I completed the drug rehab program, dealt with so many personal and emotional pains but am now drug free and know I will stay this way.

Two days after my completion I was having a real lunch with my brother, I asked him “Jack why did you just say okay let’s get you help now after so many betrayals”. He looked at me, I was expecting him to say I love you bro, but no; he said “I knew by your voice that you had made the decision, that you truly did want help, this is why I did not question your request and simply acted on it, and glad I did, I have my true big brother back and alive”


Fentanyl, the New Craze

Fentanyl, the New Craze

Just as other Canadian provinces are struggling with their own drug addiction issues, British Columbia is fighting the devastating Fentanyl drug addiction problem. Fentanyl has become a wide spread substitute drug for those seeking some replacement for Oxycodone, Percocet or even Heroin and morphine. In the province of British Columbia alone police have reported over 75 deaths linked to Fentanyl overdose. This drug has no taste and you cannot detect an odor, it is known to be between 50 and 100 times stronger than morphine. The bigger issue is that now other recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine and even heroin are laced with this medicinal drug. This results in very unpredictable consequences; physical and psychological including death.

What is Fentanyl?

The drug is used as a narcotic pain management substance. Mainly prescribed after surgery and other medical conditions. Some people have real physical disabilities and require a controlled pain management while other procedures are investigated. When the drug is used for a recreational high the results are very different. Over time people in BC and across Canada have shifted from drugs such as Marijuana, hashish, cocaine even heroin to more synthetic type substances. In the last 10 to 15 years an increase in pharmaceutical drug use for partying or just to deal with unwanted emotional conditions, has increased to an alarming rate. Every year there is more deaths related to narcotic pain medications than any other mind altering drug.


It is interesting, if one cared to look, that the increase in pain medication like Fentanyl in our society is parallels the failing educational system, health care system and downfall of social morality. Our present society accepts a below standard education and ends up unable to solve simple family problems; cannot deal with work disputes, and lacks the know-how to increase their personal well-being meanwhile the large pharmaceutical corporations by use of advertisement resort to medication for the slightest aches and ailments. The emotional pain of losing a job, the broken vow, betrayed agreements even the pain of losing a loved one leaves people with unwanted emotional conditions. With no immediate solution it’s not long before they discover that prescription medications and illicit drugs or alcohol will numb the condition, at least temporarily.

Fentanyl’s Numbing Effect

Illicit drugs, prescription pain medications like Fentanyl and all mind altering substances have a numbing effect, this is mainly why people abuse them. It causes a break in perception between the mind and one’s actual feeling. Feeling betrayed is a normal emotion, sensing grief when a family member dies is expected, the sense of failure after not closing the “big deal” is simply part of living, what one does with these feelings is what determines their future. Numbing the feeling with Fentanyl or other drugs will only send all your abilities into the shadows of death. But facing these and learning from them and accepting that they exist is a wonderful thing. You are as alive as you can feel.

Don’t burry your feelings of sorrow, fear or grief or regret; you should deal with these, there are tools in society to help overcome any obstacle. Drugs turn people into unthinking, unfeeling hypnotic zombies. Don’t become a statistic, stay clear of Fentanyl, and even if you are prescribed this drug by your family doctor for a specific condition be sure the doctor also sees to that you are helped to stop its use on a proper dosage off. You can have a good productive drug free life without Fentanyl or any other drugs. Call us if you know anyone that may need some assistance in getting their life back on track, it’s what we do as referral counselors.


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