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Is your child drug free for school?

Is your child drug free for school? As summer winds through to its end are you certain your son or daughter is drug or alcohol free for their next school year? There are ways to determine if this is not the case and options to handle before school begins and save the study year. One […]


What is summertime addiction?

What is summertime addiction? Help is available right now for your child’s drug addiction just call 1-888-488-8434. We often hear parents of youths near the end of their high school years planning the summer time vacation with the whole family at the cottage or the lake or even just a road trip to Disney or […]


The Happy Sadness of the Holiday Season

The Happy Sadness of the Holiday Season Woke up one morning and it was a beautiful December morning with the sun shining and a light flurry. From the window I could see it was going to be a good day. I got ready for work and step out into the brisk wintry day, I was […]


New government, Legalizing Pot

New government, Legalizing Pot Well here we stand in 2015 with a new liberal government to guide the Canadian people to wealthier, healthier and more productive lives. At least this is what the campaign of the elected candidate has told us. But how factual are those statements made by our newly appointed Prime Minister. I […]


Canada Health Care; Get in Line Option

Canada Health Care If one wishes to understand what the problem is with helping drug addicts from all walks of life in Canada it’s best to start with knowing what our healthcare system is. In Canada we have a group of “socialized” health insurance plans, these are intended to provide coverage to ALL Canadians. The […]


Canadian Prescription Drug Abuse

Canadian Prescription Drug Abuse; the Ongoing Battle Prescription drugs, by which we mean any over-the-counter medication and prescribed medication by a physician, intended to ease a specified pain or general physical ailment. This has now moved over into practically any type of medication that is intended for a physical condition that gives a mental and […]