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Your Body vs Drugs

Your Body vs Drugs It’s one of those things that “everybody knows”; drugs are bad for you. Well that’s just a big generality because it is quite another issue to actually understand what it means. Those of us who have been in the grip of drug addiction or know someone who is struggling with drug […]


Summertime addiction

Summertime addiction What do we mean by summertime addiction? It all starts with schools ending and companies from coast to coast giving two or three-weeks of vacation time to employees. All year we work and study and labor five and more days per week, we put in the hours leading up to that very special […]


Drug free Canada day 2015

Drug free Canada day 2015 Happy Canada Day will be shouted by everyone, from Halifax Nova Scotia to Victoria BC this July first. Canada day celebrates the confederation of the various provinces into a united country and each year in cities and communities from coast to coast many celebrations will be organized and bring cheers to […]


Environments & Drug Rehabs

Environments & Drug Rehabs When a person is struggling with their drug addiction or alcohol abuse and need drug rehabilitation the first thing that is normally on their mind is to get through the physical and emotional pain that follows the attempt to quit their substance of choice. Anyone who has ever been through a […]


Government Rehabs

What our government is doing for addiction It’s a well-known fact that drugs and alcohol abuse are a daily occurrence in our present society. There exists a wealth of information on the internet and in documents across Canada, stating the terrible conditions that surround anyone struggling with some form of drug addiction. In a recent […]


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