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Opiates, some clarification

Opiates, some clarification

If you or someone close is struggling with drug addiction of some sort, please call this toll free number; 1-888-488-8434 and speak with an experienced drug rehab referral counselors who will answer all your questions as best they can. They will propose various options to help you decide how best to deal with someone’s drug or alcohol addiction.

Opiate, is not a drug in itself but a term use to describe a drug. The term opiate means: relating to, resembling, or containing opium, in medicine this word describes any of the narcotic drugs found as natural products in the opium poppy plant. It’s any medication as prescribed by a physician, containing opium or its derivative. It’s used in medicine as an aid to induce sleep or to relieve pain. There are thousands of drugs or medications that are classified as opiates. A natural opiate would include; Morphine and codeine. Then there are the semi-synthetic opioids like: Heroin, Oxycodone, hydrocodone, buprenorphine, etc. followed by the synthetic opioids such as Fentanyl, methadone and Meperidine, etc. From these you have a variety of brand names.

Opiates have been around for centuries, use by all types of cultures up to the present as a means to induce sleep and overcome pain. The painful condition a person is subjected to is as varied as there are people. The main use is for physical pain, but in our present society the idea of “getting high” by use of some substance that is intended to ease pain from an operation or a strenuous task or exertion from a sports activity is nonsense. People do not actually get high, they get numb, become wooden, stupid, clumsy, forgetful and many other side effects.

In our present culture when a person experiences some unpleasant moment, whether physical or emotional instead for facing the facts and dealing with it the majority seek out a quick fix. Modern doctors will tell you “take 2 a day for a week” and hands you a prescription. The two “pain killers” per day give the person some temporary relief but as the pain returns more pills are taken. The organism does not produce such chemicals but has its own repair mechanism with its proteins and minerals, etc. The more opioids a person takes the less the body produces natural repair substance, the solution is to take more opioids. The organism now becomes dependent on this external substance, which slowly destroys the natural building blocks of a body and when no opiate is given the body reacts violently. This is now a new condition called drug addiction.

The moment a person is not willing to experience a situation, no matter how bad it may seem, and deal with it in a proper manner but instead searches out some chemical solution, he or she is heading toward a lifetime of constant pain and sorrow. A lost love does not get handled with a pill or glass of wine, a destroyed home will not be rebuilt with a line of cocaine and a child’s abuse does not disappear by taking methamphetamine just as a broken tibia will not suddenly become new again because a person is taking hydro-morphine. The opioid drugs have a specific use, and yes a person will be quite please to take it when his arm was broke or was amputated, but more importantly is dealing with the new condition not using chemicals to compensate for one’s lack of confront and courage to face life head on.

Opiates? They have their use. But happiness and the joy of living with all emotions is way better than a lifetime of suffering and slow death.


Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana;


Medical marijuana

what’s the deal?

It’s on TV and in the papers, special reports turn it into a major national discussion, legislators’ debate for months about it and talk show hosts make fun of it; wherever we look the trending medical marijuana issue is in the front line.

It’s not necessary to get into the history of marijuana, otherwise known as weed, pot, skunk, and so many other street terms to describe a plant with properties that when ingested cause physical and psychological alteration to any individual that tries it. Whereas, not that long ago it was quite illegal to possess, use, grow or distribute this substance and it still is in many part of the world.

That someone has been able to convince and demonstrate that some slight relief to people suffering from a medical procedure or condition does not make it any less harmful in its basic nature. Even just recently there is great concern from a community about a medical marijuana cultivation depot, in a private home, right next to a grade school establishment. The complaint is the exhaust from this cultivation depot where the weed is being grown can be smelled by children and residents alike. The fact that there is no legal jurisprudence about the location or the legal foothold the owners have should not stop a community from requesting something be done about it, and insist it be done.

Though there is much evidence to support the use of medical marihuana, for people suffering from cancer treatment, HIV and other life threatening diseases and that it brings about some form of relief other than morphine or other potent chemical compound may be acceptable. But this can also be a simple stepping stone to accepting it to “treat” other non-life threatening illnesses. There are researcher right this moment that are actually attempting to justify its use for dozens of other physical and psychological use. The fact that one can say “I feel less ‘stressed out’ when I smoke marijuana and therefor have a medical condition of anxiety and that permits me to have a marijuana card” would also be admitting “I do not have the skills to deal with daily stressful conditions at work or in personal affairs and it is a medical condition”. It would think that this person may be better suited to work leisurely in a field picking organic fruit, not with the stock market.

The bottom line is; if someone is dying and wants to at least keep some of their wits about them, and if the choice was between morphine and marijuana, well the better choice would not be the less harmful one. Some of the drugs given when a person is at death’s door are quite severe. Our society at this time is so dependent on drugs and pharmaceuticals that we have entered a biochemical age; a pill to sleep, a pill to perk up, a line to calm down and a drink to take the edge of the day. From as young as 11 years old smoking a joint or having a beer just to be accepted all the way up to age 65 and older taking a small blue pill in order to have an erection, and everything in between.

It should be noted here that when a society is being drugged to such an extent as this one is, aside from the fact that someone is making enormous amount of money off others suffering; is the control factor enters the picture. The more a society is under some chemical influence for whatever justified reason, the easier it is to convince the members of that society to do as dictated by the powers of newspapers, radio and TV. So are you part of the “biochemical hypnotics” or are you a member of the witty, awake and knowing society? How you treat your body and mind will increase or decrease your spiritual ability to change the world for better or for worse. Live drug free and win.


Act Now

Act now

To get help now with your addiction problem or that of someone close to you call 1-888-488-8434 and speak with one of our addiction referral & consultation counselors.

Waiting for Change

Addiction by drugs

Struggling with some form of addiction

One of the most common errors seen with family members who have a loved one struggling with some form of addiction; whether it’s with street drugs, alcohol or some prescription drug, is to wait for things to change. Most addicts are on a one way road to self-destruction and will take anyone who enables down with them. This is usually not completely intentional but more a phenomenon of attempting to

survive without feeling the pain of withdrawal or else. The addict will use close relatives and friends who have a weakness for anyone that is suffering.

Professional Drug Rehabilitation

When a substance abuser is in need of a dose or hit just to get on with their day and it is not immediately accessible, that person will seek out the family member or close friend most like to sympathize with their pain to get what they want. The addict will lie, betray, cheat and even steal just to satisfy their need for relief from the painful withdrawal effects. Falling prey to this behavior will only strengthen the addicts bond with the enabler. Each time someone helps the addict to get what they want this increases their solution to use more drugs.

The correct approach to such issue is to refuse to help unless that help is to get this person professional drug rehabilitation and counseling. If they want money you tell them; “I will help you financially if and when you get help for the addiction” or “You want a place to stay, get into a drug or alcohol addiction treatment center and I will help when you complete it”. These and any variation of this approach is what will ultimately help the addict. In other words the person abusing illicit drugs, alcohol or prescription medication must realize help is available but they need to show that they honestly and truly want out from the grip of hell that drugs and alcohol have on them.

Insistence for Drug Addiction Treatment

Your insistence that they seek treatment on a continuous basis will make it so that it will slowly sink into their thoughts. When the day comes and the person says “I’m ready; I want to change; I need help; I’m tired of this lifestyle or I need to go to rehab” this will be your cue. And you now must follow through in a fast action of getting the person signed up with a good residential drug rehab center. Sometimes the best way to go about it is to have a referral counselor already chosen and keep their toll free number close; the less time wasted searching the better the chances of having the addict follow through with their decision to get help.

Don’t wait until the person asks for help to act, act now! Start your research, call various facilities get your information, find out about the options available learn about addiction and you will be on top of it. The more you as a family member or close friend know about addiction and available drug addiction treatments the more you can take responsibility for this person’s struggles and not be overwhelmed by the issue. Knowledge is a powerful tool so take advantage of this and accumulate knowledge.

For information on substance abuse and drug addiction treatments available take the time and call one of our addiction and consultation counselors today and ask what your options are.



and get your questions answered.



The cycle of relapse

Anyone who has struggled with a drug addiction or alcoholism knows the amount of destruction their behavior has caused themselves and others. They are also aware of the quantity of work and effort put into their recovery of such substance abuse. There exist dozens of approaches in drug treatment, some are invasive and others are more behavioral. Many professionals in the field consider it a disease others have a less medical approach and view addiction as a means to cope with unwanted personal conditions and situations. In all cases once the person has overcome their need for mind altering substances to cope with life there is still work ahead.

There are as many reason for doing drugs or drinking alcohol as there are people addicted. Each person will have their own individual reason for using drugs. Once this reason has been located and properly dealt with it should not be a problem in the future unless it is the wrong reason or it was not handle and dealt with to the person’s satisfaction. Most drug addiction treatment programs will have some form of aftercare follow-up, this helps as a support to ensure the person is doing what is needed to live a drug free productive lifestyle. But living life on a daily basis requires a bit of knowledge about life in order to make it over the bumps and through the curves.

One of the first conditions to know with certainty regarding sobriety is that when you complete your treatment it is vital to realize YOU are the only one that changed. You did the addiction treatment program, not your wife, kids, boyfriend, boss or mom and dad, YOU. It is you who has changed; normally the other people in your life may still be running in the past and still see you as a “potential addict”. They will be wary of your actions, still uncertain about many trust issues, watching your every move, etc. This in itself can be quite annoying. You must stay true to your goals set with your counselors and be considerate about people who care about you.

Staying sober is not just saying to oneself “I am no longer going to use”. It requires you following a set social program that was established to help you, the program graduate, achieve your goals. Sometimes there will be certain environmental circumstances that can “trigger” or stimulate past memory of drug use these memories must be simply ignored. When one goes into agreement with these stimulated memories they tend to increase in power over the person. In many cases this can bring about a drug relapse.

Other things that can cause addiction relapse are emotional upsets, without proper means to deal with various emotions such as pain, grief, anger a persons may resort to old solutions such as drugs or alcohol. Any unwanted emotion can be a stimulator for a drug relapse, the thing about emotion is to recognize that it is just that, an emotion and one can change and control emotions, usually by recognizing that it is simply an emotion.

The more you know about life and living and accept what life will send your way and step back and deal with each situation as it occurs and keep positive and focused on a true survival goal, the more you can avoid relapses. Addiction is simply deciding to use or deciding not to use and deal with what life has put in front of you. If you don’t know what to do, than contact your counselor or a close friend for advice. In other words do something about it, don’t just figure and figure and figure about it.

If you or someone you know is suffering from drug addiction and looking for a private drug rehab and need help, we can assist you.

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New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution Tips


New Year’s resolutions have been around for quite some time.

Well it’s that time of the year once again where hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people across the country decide “enough is enough of the past and now for the future”. New Year’s resolutions have been around for quite some time. This tradition actually dates back to the times of the Babylonians, some 4000 years ago. But the idea that the calendar is ending one period and beginning another that stimulates people to also put their lives into a new direction, or at the very least attempt to do so.

These traditions are passed on from generation to generation and with worldwide communication at our finger tips the ideas of yesteryear are pushed forward. So what is it with this concept of “New Year’s resolutions”? Most people set up or make decisions to change something about themselves that they have observed; that has not been very successful or that did not contribute to their survival. The hope that the change will occur now that a new calendar has occurred is like putting your future in the hands of a mystical god. Though there are those that use this as a decisive moment in their lives and through sheer will power achieve their change, most do not succeed, why?

Well the decisions that do work are normally things that can be controlled by one’s own abilities without external forces. Whereas those things that one has little or no control over and is ruining the person’s life such as Alcohol abuse, drug abuse and even excessive eating and sex addictions, etc. etc. These subjects require quite a bit more than a simple decision to stop, ask any drug addicted person to “just decide to stop”. The reason is that the person has some compelling impulse to dramatize the same action over and over, beyond their control; they can’t stop unless some external source intervenes and assists. Most addiction is caused by some underlying uncontrolled source from the person’s past. Normally this can be found in the area of upbringing, education or influential associations.

For anyone who wishes to overcome some unwanted trait in their life this New Year’s, here are a few tips to help out: A. Change your routines, actions or normal activities, basically shift things around, take a different road home, shift your life actions around with different actions, B. get rid of all items that remind you of the unwanted habit, if its porn videos get rid of them, if its candy than give it away and replace it with nuts, etc. get all bottles of alcohol out from your area, shooters included, etc. C. assess on yourself what is it that you like about that unwanted habit, just write out a long list of all the reason you continued to do it, then make a list of why you don’t want it, why it bothers you and your life, study these two list carefully; being honest with yourself helps a lot also, D. face the fact that you will need some assistance to really overcome this unwanted condition, call on a professional in the field best adapted to deal with such unwanted conditions.

If you’re trying to quit alcohol or drugs seek a good addiction treatment program that is suited to your needs. If the unwanted condition is about weight than join a program that will assist you with a weight loss program and proper nutritional diet. DO whatever it takes and may the New Year bring you success and a new outlook on the future. The key point is that YOU are the only one that can make the change, it all begins with YOU. Do it and you will enjoy yourself from here on out. HAPPY NEW YEAR !


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