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Kelowna Drug Rehab

Kelowna Drug Rehab Centers

For Kelowna residents seeking immediate help to find a substance abuse recovery program; call 1-888-488-8434. Talk with an experience drug addiction referral counselor who will answer your questions on private drug rehab centers and detox centers available.

We know the destruction that substance abuse brings to family, relationships, work and life in general. When you or a loved one speaks with our addiction treatment referral counselor he or she will give a general case assessment and addiction evaluation with regard to the level of abuse and will talk about your options for treatment.


Kelowna Addiction Treatment, Funded

Kelowna is like many other cities affected by crimes against commerce, drug trafficking, domestic violence and more due to drug abuse. These have consequences and effects upon the community. Most family members when searching for an addiction program in or around Kelowna will contact the locally funded drug addiction services. But unfortunately the majority of these public centers have waiting list.

There are not many Kelowna drug rehab services, there are no community residential drug treatment centers but only outpatient and intervention services.

Treatment Options

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse are not conditions that can be put on hold. Our referral counselors know about rehabilitation and the various affordable private addiction rehab centers available servicing Kelowna. There are many different approaches to treatment;

  •             Addiction counseling,
  •             Residential treatment centers (long-term & short-term drug rehabs)
  •             AA based programs and
  •             Withdrawal management & medical detox.

Some centers’ programs are;

  •             Faith based addiction programs
  •             Disciplinary approach ideology
  •             Alternative or holistic.

In choosing the right private rehab center it’s vital to know the facts about each type. Our referral counselors have knowledge of the best privately run substance abuse centers and detox treatment programs across Canada. Call us to find out which is suited to your situation and personal needs.

Kelowna Drug Addiction Problem

Kelowna has seen its population effected by drug addiction to cocaine, crack, ecstasy, pot, and methamphetamine not to mention prescription drugs like OxyContin and fentanyl, resulting in the need for more treatment facilities. People in general do not want to be in pain, physically or emotionally.

Drugs and alcohol are used by people as a solution to their existing pain or discomforts. These substances will momentarily relieve the pain by masking it. Because there is no other solution for this, more drugs are taken. The person depends on it on a regular basis (daily or weekly); the end result is a new condition called addiction.

Help for Substance Abuse, Kelowna

Our drug rehab referral counselors are available to help locate an affordable private drug addiction treatment program that is suited to you. Why take a chance with any old drug rehab. One can be found that is most adapted to you and what you need. Call us today and find out what we can do to help you.

Our professional rehab expert counselors have worked for years with various substance abuse recovery program across BC and Canada. We know what they offer and can help you find the right affordable private treatment program for your particular needs. Get the best options for a stable drug free life!

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