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For immediate help with drug addiction call 1-888-488-8434 and speak with one of our referral counselors who can answers any questions you may have about drug rehab centers, drug addiction treatments and detox programs available today.

According to a 2012 report Thompson is considered the highest crime-rate* city in Canada; this may have changed over the years and might have nothing to do with drugs. But study has shown that many crimes committed will be found to have drug addiction as an underlying problem for the individual committing the crime. When a person’s drug addiction has gotten to the point where criminal acts are done simply to overcome their craving for drugs, it’s really time to sign-up for a drug rehab program.

Most people looking for help with a substance abuse to cocaine, pot, heroin even prescription drugs like Fentanyl will first contact their local government funded drug rehabs for help, only to be told there are no beds available for another three weeks or so and you must put your name on their list and wait. But there are other options for drug rehabilitation that can service residents from Thompson Manitoba. The important thing to ensure before committing to a drug rehab is being certain that the person is ready to accept help otherwise an intervention may be needed. Our referral counselors understand drug addiction and know drug rehab programs. They can propose some good affordable private drug rehab centers suited to you and your specific situation. If you are someone who needs a drug rehab or you know someone who does there are some facts you should be informed about before entering any drug rehab center.

Thompson’s Drug Addiction Problem

The first thing to know about drug addiction for people living in Thompson Manitoba is that most drug addicts do not want to be addicted to drugs or alcohol. Another important point is that all drug addiction or alcohol abuse is actually, for the person, a solution to a painful or unwanted unresolved life experience that continues to harm the person in their daily affairs.

People taking drugs as a solution discovered that substance bring temporary relief to their painful emotion or unwanted feeling by masking the pain from awareness. When the drug no longer creates the desire effect then more and more drugs are taken, this causes the body and mind to be dependent on this toxic substance resulting in a new problem called drug addiction and the need for professional drug rehab treatment. This is the cycle of addiction as observed through thousands of cases.

Locating a Private Drug Rehab

Locating the proper private drug rehab can be a difficult affair. With so many facilities and addiction treatments to choose from where does one begin? Our drug rehab referral counselors care about drug addiction and those affected by its destructive nature. We know some of the most reputable drug rehab centers servicing Manitoba and Canada. If you need help now locating a drug rehab program that will address not only the substance abuse but the issues that started the cycle of addiction in the first place, that’s what we do.

Call us today and start your journey to a new drug free life.