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Thompson is the highest crime-rate* city in Canada; making it the most needed place for drug rehab. The biggest challenge for any drug rehab in Thompson is handling the criminal aspect of drug addiction. Most crimes committed will be found to have an underlying drug problem for the individual committing the crime. When a person’s addiction has gotten to the point where criminal acts are done to fulfill their craving for drugs, its really time to enter a drug rehab program and fast.

In Thompson, Manitoba you will most likely find government drug rehabs. These will usually use the 12-step or AA and NA approaches to addiction. There are also private drug rehabs that can service residents from Thompson Manitoba. The important thing to ensure before committing to a drug rehab is to ensure their program can not only address your drug problem but the underlying issue related to drug addiction.

As a member of the Thompson community you have a responsibility to ensure a safe environment. If you are someone who needs a drug rehab or you know someone who does there are a few facts you may need to know before entering a drug rehab facility.

Thompson drug problem; a closer look

The first thing to know about a drug problem for people living in Thompson Manitoba is that most drug addicts do not want to be an addict with a drug problem. Another important point is that usually any drug problem is actually the person’s solution to some underlying unresolved and unwanted personal condition.

In Thompson, like most cities in Manitoba and across Canada, the drug problem is really a personal problem. The person with a drug problem is attempting to resolve an underlying real problem. Drugs or alcohol simply make a person unaware of their condition for a short time until the drug or alcohol wears off, then the personal condition returns and usually somewhat stronger than prior to the taking of drugs. This, in a nutshell is the cycle of addiction and the persons drug problem.

Finding the right drug rehab can be an exhausting affaire. With so many facilities and programs to choose from where does one begin? Our referral counselors have years of experience in dealing with people who are living with a drug problem or alcohol abuse. They know hundreds of programs across Manitoba and Canada, they know the staff and the facility, this gives you an advantage of sorting out those places you don’t want to go to.

If you need help now in finding a drug rehab facility that will address not only the drug problem but the issues that started the cycle of addiction in the first place, that’s what we do. Call us now and start your journey to a new life,

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