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For immediate help with a relative’s drug addiction call 1-888-488-8434. In many cases, despite the trouble this issue generates in the family, the hardest part is getting the help needed. Many will attempt to get the addict into a publicly funded program only to be told there is a waiting list. You can stop looking for a Winnipeg drug rehab center and call us. A referral counselor is there to bring hope and solutions to affordable addiction treatment that will work for your relative.

Our experienced drug addiction referral counselors have knowledge of affordable private addiction recovery programs servicing Winnipeg residents. It’s a known fact that family members will find it difficult to deal with a person’s addiction. Whether to illicit drugs or prescription medication or alcohol the trouble and unknown factors are quite the same. Part of the trouble is locating immediate addiction treatment services that is best suited to your loved one.

Publicly Funded and Private Rehab

Winnipeg offers a few funded programs like many other cities. The only issue is that there are more people seeking help than can be serviced. This explains, in part, the long waiting lists for residential substance abuse centers.

Winnipeg Canadian museum for human rights

Winnipeg Canadian museum for human rights

Often addicts struggling with addiction to cocaine, crack, crystal meth, or to prescription drugs need withdrawal first. Some may need medical detox for substances like as Hydromorphone and alcohol for example. These services are not usually part of the funded rehabilitation process.

Whereas in the private sector you will normally find these as part of the inpatient rehab program. Over time many of Winnipeg residents have been turning towards the private sector for help. This is mainly due to the instant service and more personalized attention. It’s just as important to know that these programs are usually tailored to the addict’s situation and needs. And there is more addiction counselors, better nutrition, hygiene and aftercare.

Deciding on the Proper Private Rehab

There are dozens of different approaches to drug addiction and alcohol abuse treatment. Not all rehab programs are alike. Some will accentuate the environment with luxury, others are faith oriented and then there are the holistic program. But all are very personalized and will also include professionals not only in addiction but other fields as well.

Based on your situation and personal needs a referral counselor will propose options that are adapted to you and your particular drug or alcohol addiction. He or she will be able to get you in contact with the most suitable program for your loved one. This is just as vital as the decision to get help. Once the decision to receive help is achieved one then must have a good program to enter. Again, this is how a referral counselor brings assistance and guidance to you and your family member. So stop your search for a Winnipeg drug rehab treatment center and call today.

Winnipeg Drug Rehab Program Help

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse are serious health issues and require professional addiction counseling suited to the person. Our referral counselors will successfully locate the right private treatment for substance abuse that suits your needs. Don’t wait for disaster to occur, call today and get some professional guidance from our referral counselors.


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