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To receive immediate assistance in locating a good affordable drug rehab center call 1-888-488-8434 to speak with one of our experienced drug rehab center referral counselors. They will answer your questions and guide you as best they can to a suitable and affordable drug rehab center. If you or someone you know lives in Brantford, Ontario and struggling with some form of addiction, whether it is to alcohol, illicit drugs or prescription drugs we want to help. Finding a private drug rehab center that is suited to your needs and situation is what we do.

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Downhill Ride to Addiction

Alcoholism & drug rehab centers

Alcoholism & drug rehab services

Brantford is not much different than others large cities in Ontario when dealing with the subject of substance abuse. Drugs and alcohol affect the young and the old alike; the wealthy and less wealthy; it doesn’t matter your gender or ethnic background, addiction does not discriminate. If you are unhappy with some part of your life; be it family affairs, work related or simply feeling that you are alone, you can be sure someone will come along sooner or later and offer you a quick, simple and cheap solution: drugs. Once this “solution” is embarked upon it’s a very slippery downhill ride from there.


Numbing from Awareness

When a family member such as a son, daughter, husband or wife, even parents are abusing drugs or alcohol everyone around them is also struggling with the pain. Most individuals addicted to drugs and/or alcohol do so to overcome a personal unwanted condition. The condition is as varied as there are people with addiction issues. Drugs and alcohol are taken as a way to push out of awareness the unwanted condition, drugs do this by cutting off the person’s ability to perceive their own emotions and problem; it numbs everything. Suddenly everything is fine, “what problem?” and “don’t worry about it” is the usual outcome of being drugged, drunk or even tipsy.


Referral Counselors

Experienced Counselors

Experienced Counselors

When you call our referral counselors, he or she will do a preliminary assessment and case profile. From the information obtained they will be able to select from dozens of good affordable private drug addiction treatment facilities, a center that is best suited to your personal needs and situation. Over time we have established close ties with a variety of drug rehabs; from coast to coast servicing all parts of Canada, including Brantford Ontario. Everyone deserves a chance at a good happy and drug free life. Don’t wait until things are out of control and police are implicated or emergency personnel are called in or worse, make the move and seek professional referral counseling.


Drug Rehab Centers for Brantford

A ;ending hand is all you need

Need a hand?

Do you or someone close to you need help with their battle with addiction? Are you tired of making up reasons for their behavior? Do you wish they would stop their self-destructive ways? There is something you can do about it; call our drug rehab center referral counselors, he or she will listen and answer your question and can give you tips and instructions on how to handle certain situations. With over fifteen years of working in the field of drug rehabilitation we know our business and can speak with the person struggling with their bad habit. Remember not all drug rehab center programs are alike, there are many types of drug rehabilitation methods and different environments to choose from let us help you, the first step is making the call and speak with a drug rehab center referral counselor today.