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We help find affordable private alcohol or drug rehab center for London residents, call to speak with one of our experienced drug addiction referral counselors.

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London Addiction Treatment Centers

To get immediate help to find a private addiction treatment center call 1 888-488-8434. Speak with one of our experienced referral counselors.

We offer our service to find the right private center with the best treatment program available. Call one of our counselors for a confidential consultation and find your best solution.


Funded Addiction Treatments London

The city of London has treatment programs, many of which are locally funded. Unfortunately they have limited resources to service the large demand from the community. In many cases when a person with substance abuse issues they will contact their locally funded centers for help. Having budget restraints most have a waiting list


Drug Addiction Solution

If you are looking for a London drug rehab center but only finding waiting lists and red tape, call our counselor. They will help you find an affordable drug rehab center in Ontario or anywhere else in Canada.

Practically all drug addicts or alcoholic have some buried unwanted painful emotional issue or unresolved life upset. Substances are used to bring some temporary relief. When the effect wears off more are taken to produces the desired effect. Sooner or later addiction occurs. Some programs will treat this as a disease and may not deal with the underlying situation. Getting the right treatment program is key in achieving sobriety.

London Substance Abuse

The only ingredient missing is the solution to handle substance abuse. There is no miracle to help someone overcome their dependency to crack, meth-amphetamine, pot, cocaine or even prescription meds like Oxy’s and Percocet, or alcohol.

In London, as with any other modern cities, the true and tried solution is to seek help from professionals in the field. Our referral counselors are the stepping stone to such help, we provide you with the options best suited to your situation and personal needs. Substance abuse can be overcome; thousands of people are now living substance free.


London Drug Rehab Service & Help

It all begins with the right addiction treatment, call our professional referral counselor today, their years of experience in the field can help you find a suitable addiction treatment center for your needs. Waiting will only make things worse, call us today.


Find a private detox or drug rehab center that will suit your needs, call us today.


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