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Windsor Drug Rehab

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Windsor Drug Rehab Centers

For assistance in locating and enrollment in private alcohol or drug rehab in Windsor Ontario, call to speak with one of our experienced drug rehab center referral counselors.


Windsor Drug Rehab Centers

For immediate assistance in finding a private drug rehab center please call and speak with one of our professional drug rehab center counselors. Their experience in the field is of great value when you consult with them, they will help you locate a drug rehab center that is right for your situation. We know how destructive drugs can be on family and friends of anyone struggling with this condition, we believe that everyone has the right to know their drug rehabilitation options. Call us and find out how we can help simplify drug rehabilitation search.

Funded Treatment Centers

Group therapy, funded treatment

Group therapy, funded treatment

If you live in Windsor Ontario your problem from cocaine, crack, pot and even prescription drugs like Percocet or OxyContin and alcohol should be taken seriously. Most government funded treatment centers in Canada are struggle to keep up with the demand. From our experience most funded centers are under budget restraints and this is seen with their long waiting lists. This is even true for Windsor with four and even up to eight-week waiting list for a bed to be available. There are other options for affordable centers

Rehab Center Referrals

When you call our referral counselors he or she will give you information about the centers available that will be suited to your situation and personal needs. Over the years our counselors have contacted different drug rehab centers in Ontario and across Canada and stock with those that give results. We believe that drug addiction cannot be put on hold on waiting lists, it requires attention now and we can help make that happen, call and find out how.

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If you or someone you know needs help finding a drug rehab center call our counselors for confidential help.

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Windsor Ontario & Drug Addiction

Windsor is not immune to the drug addiction problem plaguing our society. Even though drug and alcohol abuse have been around for thousands of years it’s only in the last half century that drug addiction has become a major social concern. Windsor Ontario has seen its share of drug addiction tragedies just a couple years ago a fatal Fentanyl overdose of a woman was a reported.

Basically a person’s addiction began as a solution that got out of control. When a person is hindered by some painful emotional incident in their life or an unwanted condition such as a marital problem, work overload or stress, the death of a loved one or an accident that leaves us with lingering pain; people will look for relief. Drugs and alcohol tend to mask momentarily these unwanted conditions, when the desired effect is no longer produced by the drug, more and more drugs are taken, the body becomes dependent thus the a new problem called drug addiction.

Private Drug Rehabs


Help is available

Our drug rehab center referral counselors have worked with drug addicts and alcoholics of all ages and backgrounds. They have helped thousands of people with addiction problems find a good drug rehab center that were right for them. We can help you achieve the same results. It all starts with deciding to do something about it and then contacting one of our drug rehab center referral counselors.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and you find yourself behind bars or being treated in the ER for an overdose… or worse, let us help you find a suitable drug rehab center today.

Private drug rehab center with quick admission in a variety of price range available, call us for help today

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