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Moose Jaw Saskatchewan with its thirty-five thousand inhabitants is not without its need for good drug rehab. In a city this size there is a notable percentage of people with a drug problem and in search of some form of drug rehab. The options for drug rehab in any city let alone Moose Jaw are somewhat limited to two categories of drug rehab treatments.

The choices are government funded drug rehab or private drug rehab. Moose Jaw has both; though not everyone can afford the private rehab, the question is can we afford the waiting list? The government drug rehab programs have in most cases a lengthy screening process and there can be a waiting list up to three and four weeks. With a drug rehab in the private sector normally your screening process is done on the spot and your sign-up is the same day.

So why is it that the sponsored drug rehabs have such a slow entry point? The answer is simple, too many applicants and not enough space and staff. But the real question should be why are there so many applicants to drug rehab centers? Why it is that people are doing drugs in the first place? These are the questions that need answers to the drug problem for Moose Jaw and Saskatchewan.

Moose Jaw drug abuse problem

It’s obvious there is a drug problem in Moose Jaw and this is confirmed by the waiting list for drug rehab treatment. It is also a fact that the lack of trained counselors for government funded rehab contributes to this situation but why would anyone want to put a poisonous substance in their body in the first place?

The facts are that any drug addict does not want to be an addict and does not want his or her drug problem. But the truth is that underlying this drug problem is a personal unwanted condition. This can be anything from some emotional traumatic incident to some physical condition, either way it is unwanted and the person is stuck with no solution.

Moose Jaw’s drug problem is like most problems we encounter in life, each has its own solution. A person with an unwanted condition will search out a solution and to the degree they fail to resolve their personal condition eventually it will be found that drug and alcohol will bring relief and hide this unwanted condition from awareness, at least until the drug or alcohol wears off. Then the condition returns; thus the cycle of addiction.

When searching for a drug rehab to deal with your drug problem or that of someone you know, be sure to check if this program will address not only the drug problem but the underlying issues that began the cycle of addiction.

Our referral counselors have many years of experience in dealing with substance abuse and are very familiar with hundreds of drug rehab center in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Call our counselors now for immediate assistance in finding the right drug rehab for your specific condition, we can help,

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