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Information on Various Drugs

Rehab centers have a number one priority. That is getting the addict clean in a way that will lead to successful long term recovery with a lower than average risk of relapse.  It is therefore imperative that the rehab center concentrate on each individual case by what type of drug the person is addicted to.

What may work for an alcoholic could be different for what works for a crystal meth user.  Someone on  marijuana may be able to recover easier and quicker than someone who has used crack cocaine for a few years.  The detox stage is different for each as a person who is hooked on hard core drugs is at risk for health problems relating to withdrawal as well as the drug itself..

Type of Drugs

Here are various types of drugs and indicators or what to expect from withdrawal.

It is extremely important to have a medical professional available when withdrawing because certain strong illicit drugs can lead to breathing problems, heart problems, even death.

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The successful journey begins with the initial consultation.

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It is important to have a thorough exam done to see if there are any additional conditions aside from the addiction such as physical illness.  This is called a Dual Diagnosis and its success lies in the fact that treating both conditions at the same time will increase the recovery rate and help with lessening the chance of a relapse.

Just as there are support groups for alcoholics, there are rehab centers that concentrate on just that addiction.  Just as there are support groups for narcotics that are separate from those for cocaine, there is the realization that different drugs require different forms of treatment.  Different tools are required, different forms of therapy, all working together to ensure the success of recovery depending on which drug has been abused by the addict.

The successful journey begins with the initial consultation.

Be open and honest with the counselor.  Getting on track from the start ensures there is no more time loss which is critical in a drug or alcohol addiction situation.  Classes, tools of knowledge, detox programs, support groups, all are arranged around what type of drug the person is addicted to so that at the end of the journey, success if found and the every day stress triggers are identified so that a relapse is avoided.

Rehab centers help people.

Be honest with yourself and the intake counselor.  Tell him or her what drug has taken control of your life and begin your successful recovery today.

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