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Designer Drugs

Designer Drugs, What are They?

Drawing of a hemical formula

Illegal and medical drugs are well catalogued all around the world. In Canada, the Canadian Food and Drug Act and Regulation decides what can or cannot be sold in Canada. It also decides which drugs require a prescription and which are sold over the counter. It also decides on the use and distribution of such drugs within our borders.

But some people find ways to counter these laws by creating new substances resembling existing drugs chemically that cannot be detected with regular drug test. These have not been added to the list of controlled substances.

Some designer drugs can be much stronger than the drugs they resemble, this increases the chance of overdose. Also, small errors in their production could result in something very different and deadlier than what was sought after in the first place.

In British Columbia

This has been observed with controlled substance in British Columbia such as heroin, meth and cocaine or Oxy’s, only these have been altered chemically. Though each on their own are controlled substance in Canada, once they get chemically reworked they create a new drug that is not controlled and not enforceable by law, a designer drug.

The whole reason behind creating designer drugs is to somehow find a way to avoid the existing drug laws and regulations of controlled substances. In some cases the chemist will take an existing compound of cocaine and break it down to reconstruct it with new and different chemicals that give (hopefully) the same or similar effect. When these drugs are confiscated and brought to trial in a court of law, they will be found to not exist in the controlled substance act and therefore not actionable; of course this takes a good defense attorney. It is usual to find the most common designer drugs are those created from existing drugs, as mentioned earlier.

The Controlled Drug Act

There exists at this writing a long list of designer drugs and the scariest part is that as soon as one has been verified and catalogued and passed through the controlled drug act, there are many new designer drugs being put out on the market. This is the short version in explaining what and how designer drugs came to be. The most important thing to know is that if you or a loved one is struggling with designer drug addiction you will require a thorough drug assessment, blood test including toxicology test to determine the protocol for withdrawal management by professional detox centers. For further help in treating a loved one for designer drug abuse call our drug rehab referral counselor at 1-888-488-8434




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