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Government Treatment

Government Addiction Treatment

There is usually no openly known instruction booklet to help parents or family and friends deal with addiction when they suddenly discover that their child, husband, wife or close friend is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. No one really prepares you for this event. Most of us find ourselves in shock, others who have known for years simply see it as a normal affair to have a family member or close friend dying from drug addiction. Yet there is something that can be done, there are hundreds and hundreds of treatment facilities across the nation, from Halifax through Toronto and Edmonton all the way to Victoria B.C.; government detox and rehab have their hands full.

Entering Government Drug Rehabs

Drug addiction treatment

Drug addiction treatment

To enter a government program there are few things that should be made known; one of which is that the field of addiction within the Canadian Health care system is under staffed and funding insufficient. The other is that there exist an immense difference of opinion on how addiction should be treated, some professionals state; it’s an inability to deal with life issues, others state its disease and can only be stabilized with replacement drugs yet other see it as a psychiatric disorder, etc. All of which will have their own philosophy of how to deal with the person’s addiction.

One of the first things that is encounter when contacting a local government treatment facility is that you are normally told there is a waiting list for a bed. This, in part, is to filter out those that are not serious about quitting, and simply want to take advantage of the system. In certain provinces there is a stipulation that the person must first undergo a detox program prior to rehab treatment other like BC will stipulate that people be referred by a physician or an outpatient treatment. All facilities will have the person receive a case assessment to determine the best service for the person’s situation.

Government Programs Subsidies

Now most people have the idea that the government programs are free; this may appear that way on the surface. The fact is that all government programs are paid for by the public through our taxes and in some cases to be signed up there are certain fees required. Other centers will have a part paid for and part funded, but all of the government programs have a cost limit and when those funds are done the program is done. This explains why most government programs are 5 to 10-day detox’s or 30-day rehab programs; this is the time it takes to use up the allotted funds. The good thing about these programs is that the staff, for the most part, are well trained and caring counselors who want to see the addict be drug free and functioning normally in society.

Determination & Government Drug Addiction Treatments

To enter a government program you need to be determined to quit drug or alcohol abuse, for real. You sign up for a drug treatment program, depending on where you live, and you normally need to go thought a Detox program which last 3 to 10 days. Then if you want to apply for a residential rehab program the person needing help needs to continue to call every day to see if there is a bed available to go. If you haven’t attended a Detox program the rehab center will require that you be sober for 24 to 78 hours. In the majority of provinces the waiting list can be anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks and in some case much longer. You need to be determined to change.

The way the government programs are normally set up is you are allowed 3 meals a day and the portions are calculated, personal items are at the persons expense, so you need some form of revenue, many clients will be either on welfare, or employment benefits, etc.

When choosing your government addictions program it is important that you visit the facility prior to entering if this is possible. You should be comfortable in the environment that you choose. Ask what the program curriculum is, you want to do a program that is suited to your beliefs and needs.

If you need help with an alternative contact our referral counselor, there are many private programs that are partly subsidized and therefore less expensive.