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Five Qualities of a Drug Rehab Expert

Quality Drug Rehab Expert

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There are certain qualities that should be possessed by a drug rehab expert to be sure that quality treatment is being given. While there may be different criteria for what constitutes being an expert, the following five qualities are extremely important.

  • Knowledge: The word “expert”, by definition is someone who is very knowledgeable about a particular topic. Anyone claiming to be a drug rehab expert will be extremely knowledgeable not only about treating drug addiction, but about drugs in general. Drugs cause many different physical and mental reactions in people. An expert would have information on the various types of addictive drugs and how they are best treated.
  • Compassion: Having an understanding of what a drug addict is going through helps workers to communicate and sympathize with what the addict is experiencing. Compassion should not be confused with having pity on, or giving into a drug addict’s behavior.
  • Individualized attention: Any expert knows that not all people are the same. Different people need and deserve someone who will listen to and take stock of the views of the customer. In the case of drug rehabilitation, that would be the addict. A rehab expert would realize that there is a possibility to learn from every individual, including a drug addict. Treatment should be partially based on each individual.
  • Experience: Generally speaking, anyone boasting the title of expert has approximately 10 years experience. However, since it is not a requirement set in stone, there are many experts with less experience. There is no set rule for the number of years that constitutes being an expert. In drug rehabilitation, an acceptable amount of experience would be having dealt with a wide variety of drug addiction scenarios and patients. An added bonus would be having been an addict personally, but, of course, that is also not a requirement. In the field of drug rehabilitation, a satisfactory experience background may differ from client to client.
  • High standards: Whether it is in the drug rehab field, or any other, an expert will set high goals and standards for themselves and their clients. A rehabilitation expert will try to expand their knowledge and hone their viewpoints on the best course of treatment for addictions. Their high standards for their clients will be in the form of objective, individual assessment of each client’s situation, personality and mentality.

Drug Rehab placement specialists not only involves knowing about drugs and how they affect people, but also dealing with people on a one-to-one basis. An expert will be able to do this to better understand their client in their scope of caring for them.


Substance Abuse Expert

If you are a parent, chances are you have a poison control center phone number on your list of emergency contacts. You want a substance abuse expert to help you immediately if your child takes something accidentally. A substance abuse expert is trained to properly guide you through the steps to help your child.

If you are a person addicted to drugs, you want a substance abuse expert to help you get clean. Some people think they can break free of the addiction on their own. They say so each time they sober up or come down from a high. The truth is, a substance abuse expert is what is really needed to help a person successfully detox and learn the tools needed to stay clean.


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Becoming a substance abuse expert is not like taking a job at a fast food restaurant. People who do such minimum wage jobs are to be commended because at least they are working and there is no shame in any honest job. But a substance abuse expert is someone who not only studies to become one but has a passion deep within to help others. Many times it is because of a personal experience affecting someone he or she loves, even himself.

Life changing decision

When you make that life changing decision, when you send an email or pick up the phone, you are not getting a call center customer service representative. You are getting a substance abuse expert. You are getting someone who knows what questions to ask, how to answer your questions and what steps to take. You are getting tried and true advice. You are getting a detailed map of what you will be going through as you get help and get clean.

A substance abuse expert is always standing by to have a candid and honest discussion with you.

He or she will know what steps to take based on your individual needs. Knowing what the drugs you are on can do to you and have done to you, the substance abuse expert will set you on the right path. From the time you speak to a substance abuse expert, you will know one thing quite clearly, from this point on, you are not alone. You are in the capable and dependable hands of someone who will guide you, educate you and motivate you to get clean and stay clean. This is one of those people who come into one’s life that is never regretted.


Experts on Substance Abuse Treatment

Who are the experts on substance abuse treatment? They are educated physicians and counselors. They are licensed counselors. They are people who, many times, have been in the position of being the addict or the family member of an addict.

Just because someone knows how getting drunk or high feels does not make him or her an expert. Education, on the job training, internship, experience, these are the tools an expert on substance abuse treatment needs in order to help those who seek to break free of addiction.

Experts on substance abuse treatment study what works and implement it.

They know that your success is their success. Compare them to the coach of the high school cheerleading team or the division champions of an important game. They are coaching you through the toughest time of your life and they have the experience and the background to help you reach the goal line.

Compare them to the commanding officer of a unit in combat. The drug addiction is the enemy. The substance abuse treatment is the secret weapon that will win the war. Experts on substance abuse treatment are your comrades in arms, they are your battle buddies, they are your family readiness group.

By knowing what type of addiction you have, the expert can lead you through the proper treatment program. You will become part of a support group that will know what you have taken and where you have been. You will be in a therapy session that will rebuild you from the ground up so that you are stronger than ever before. You will be made accountable, you will be on your way to a second chance and you will be successful, thanks to the experts on substance abuse treatment.

Experts on substance abuse treatment work hand in hand with you and each other in order to make your journey a successful one. They work with city, state and national committees to help make changes that are positive for addicts and alcoholics and their family members.

You will be guided every step of the way through your rehab by experts on substance abuse treatment. At the end of your rehab, just like proud parents, the experts will feel the passion and the pride of your success. Still, their services will not end as they will then set you up with a wonderful aftercare program where you will again be supported and guided by, you guessed it, experts who care and who know what they are doing.


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