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Opiate Addiction

Sign of Opiate Addiction

In the scary drug filled world we live in, Opiate addiction is sweeping through the nations. Long ago, people used Opium on a regular basis. Coming from an opium poppy, this was a commonly used pain killer. Nowadays, people have developed severe addictions to this drug and it is far from helpful. The question lingers, though. What are the signs of addiction? How can you tell a loved one is experiencing this kind of drug addiction? One common sign and the most obvious one: the constant need for it. It’s all they want, all they need, all they eat, sleep and breathe. Drug addicts will seem to not have good control of their minds, experiencing paranoia, confusion and some hallucinations that will no doubt be accompanied by headaches. The whole experience can be horrifying, as the drug causes addicts to have a lot more of physical appearance changes. They won’t be hungry; they will slow down on their eating habits and suffer tremendous weight loss because of it.

Opiate Drug Rehab

Opiate Addiction

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This is one of the most highly addictive drugs in the world, so for those who are addicted, treatment is necessary. Drug addiction is not a disease, since diseases are not something you control. Drug addiction is something you chose to do at first, but then could no longer help yourself. This is why there is help available to anyone who asks for it. Upon going through the cleansing process, the withdrawal symptoms are almost worse than the signs of use.

Opiate Detox

When going through the withdrawal process, or helping a loved one through it, you will notice a lot of things. The addict will have spasms throughout his or her body, which will seem like a seizure. The drug will be working its way through the system, so be prepared for diarrhea and lots of vomiting. The recovering addict will be depressed and have plenty of mood swings. Unfortunately it is at this time that they should be watched constantly, as a lot of been known to attempt suicide at this part.

Not only is it hard to go through this, it is hard to watch someone go through this. This is why it is preferable to have your loved one attend a professional drug rehabilitation program where rehab experts will be able to care for him or her in the most comfortable way as possible. Perseverance, and the knowledge that you are not alone, is the two most important things that a recovering addict needs to remember.

The signs of addiction are not always that clear, so if you suspect someone is using be sure to monitor them closely and consult a rehab expert. 1 877-909-3636


About Oxycontin Addiction

Oxycontin Drug Addiction

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Oxycontin Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is not only limited to that of marijuana, heroin, or cocaine. Since the 1990’s many prescription drugs have made their way onto the market and are a preferred new drug among many users. Oxycontin is one of those drugs that are very prominent in Canada’s illicit drug market. Studies in 1997 and again in 2007 show that crime has increased over 30% since this type of drug has come onto the market.

What is Oxycontin?

Oxycontin is an opioid that first made its way into the medical field around 1995. It is a schedule 11 substance and is controlled by the government. It is used as a severe pain controller and contains forms of oxycodone.  Oxycontin also has mood altering affects which is why it is highly popular among teenagers and young adults.

Oxycontin Use as a Drug

Like alcohol, Oxycontin, and other prescription drugs like hydrocodone, can drastically change a person’s moods. Besides decreasing pain, this drug is prized because it causes euphoria, decreases stress, and gives a general relaxed feeling. Unlike a lot of other prescription medications, there is no upper limit to the dose of Oxycontin. Many people stay in an Oxycontin created stupor for many weeks at a time by continually taking the pills.

Oxycontin Side Effects

Oxycontin is prescribed in dosages pertaining to the amount of pain that the patient is in. The higher the dose, the more the drug interacts with the brain and opioid receptors. However, the larger dose can also cause Oxycontin addiction. Other side effects are drowsiness, nausea, and respiratory problems in elderly patients. Children can also be induced into a catatonic state through taking this medicine.

Drug users of Oxycontin also face other side effects like severe withdrawals if they do not have the drug constantly in their system. Mixing with alcohol can also have fatal results.

Signs of Oxycontin Addiction

Finding out if someone is addicted to Oxycontin requires a little bit of observation. If they have recently had a prescription to the drug and are still in pain, they may be on the verge of addiction. Some people are jittery, sweaty, nauseous, and have stomach cramps if they are withdrawing from the drug (In need of a hit).

Many people will also go through severe mood swings from being excited to very calm, happy to suddenly angry, and active to suddenly very tired. Also, if the person continues to seek out pain management in the form of the pill, they may also be addicted.

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

Treatment for Oxycontin is a very difficult process. The drug has severe withdrawal symptoms that must be treated with professional supervision. A good Oxycontin rehabilitation center is a must for defeating this type of addiction. Holistic rehabilitation programs which address the body, mind and spirit sides of addiction along with natural and drug-free detoxification methods are the most effective for long term recovery from Oxy addiction.

Through the last 20 years, the problem of prescription drugs like Oxycontin has devastated many lives. With good rehabilitation, and being committed to the long term process of helping the addict remove the drug from their life, people can get back to a normal life.


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