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Bio-physical Treatment

Bio-physical Treatment for Substance Abuse

Many drug addiction treatment centers will not offer the bio-physical step in their addiction treatment. The reasons are that they either do not have the staff to deliver it or they may not fully agree with the handling of this aspect of substance abuse. There is some research in the drug addiction field that validates such action to assist in the treatment of drug addiction.

Bio-physical drug rehab centers

Bio-physical Treatment Aspect

Most of the government funded drug treatment centers do not offer bio-physical treatment associated to drug addiction. This step is in fact viewed by many rehab center has a vital and necessary part of recovery from substance abuse. Many of the bio-physical treatments include exercise, nutritional supplements and some will use a sauna sweating step. In all bio-physical treatments there is the concept that in order to assist a person to overcome their addiction the effects of drug on the body must be addressed and eliminated as much as possible for a better chance at success.

The Philosophy behind Bio-Physical Treatment

The philosophy behind this is that when attempting to handle the psychological effects of drug abuse prior to addressing the physical aspects you often get a negative response due to the weakened state of the person. Though it can be done and many have done it and are living a drug free life, it requires a very strong self determinism and will power. When a person takes drugs, of any kind, they may think that the toxin has been eliminated after a few days. Some research has shown there are drug particles that remain in the body. These minute particles accumulated with usage over time and under physical activity will get released back into the blood stream and cause a person to crave drugs or alcohol and can facilitate relapse.

Drugs and alcohol attack nerve tissues, blood vessels, brain cells and a whole list of other body functions. When a drug addict arrives and is in a state of dehydration, malnutrition and overall lethargic condition, this makes for a very rough psychological treatment program for the addict. By addressing the physical effects related to drug addiction first it eliminates the barriers often encountered in psychological treatment.

Most biophysical models for treatment of drug addiction have a very natural approach. According to counselors that have worked in such facilities, the drug addicts having been treated with some form of bio-physical model prior to the psychological treatment for their addiction were more easily approachable and responsive. Their success was increased as compare to those persons not receiving any bio-physical treatment.

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