Top 5 Myths about Drug Addiction

Canada has a large amount of citizens that battle drug addictions on a daily basis. Contrary to popular belief, drug addicts come from every walk of life and from every area from Toronto to Vancouver, Halifax to Calgary and in every smaller city in between.   Drug addiction also comes in many forms as some […]

Are Prescription Medications a Problem in Canada

People often feel that prescription drugs are safer as compared to illegal drugs.  Prescription drugs are more readily available to teenagers who more times to none steal or utilize their own parent’s prescription drugs.   Prescription pills are intended for those who they were prescribed for One fact needs to be stressed about prescription drugs.  […]

New Years drug and alcohol message

How many times have we heard the phrase “don’t drink and drive” or is this familiar “haven’t you had enough” or even better “ah, one for the road”. If any of these are familiar I am sure you were enjoying the party and the New Year celebrations.   Celebrating New Years is a long tradition […]