War on Methamphetamine in Alberta

Alberta law taking down the Meth-Amphetamines labs one by one If you do not know what a Meth Amphetamine lab looks like maybe this may give you a bit of an idea. Picture a beautiful spring morning you walk outside to get a good whiff of fresh spring air and you receive a pungent dose […]

Addiction Treatment Centers in Canada

Drug addiction treatment centers, a growing affair Looking over the past couple of decades we can note the increase in drug addiction treatment centers across Canada. Even more interesting is the amount of drug abuse in our schools, social gatherings and family events. The astronomical amount of prescription drugs in itself is a major contribution […]

Drug Addiction Problem in Sarnia,Ontario

Despite drug addiction treatment, Ontario drug crimes continue Recent arrest for illicit drug crimes in Sarnia and Toronto Ontario shows that there is still too little attention on drugs addiction treatment centers in our society. This most recent drug bust worth over one hundred thousand dollars makes one wonder if our government simply wants to […]

Ontario Drug Rehab Centers

Going to Ontario drug rehab centers or not Saturday morning, the sun is shinning and neighbors are up early and doing weekend chore in the yard, preparing the pool for the summer, getting the yard ready for bar-B-Q’s. But Cindy’s husband is still in bed, sleeping off a night of partying with his buddies at […]

Drug effects on the mind

How drugs (Illicit or not) affects our mind There are various types of drugs, some are use to suppress, some to excite others are used to knock a person out of consciousness. All drugs will have some side effect, in the case of local anesthesia a person can expect to feel a bit numb in […]

Marijuana opening season

Spring weather and pot clouds As winter weather disappears across Canada the spring weather increases drug use. All across Canada in large cities and small towns, local pubs, and bistros open up the terraces for customers’ enjoyment of food, drink and the occasional joint with friends. Each passing season society has become more complacent more […]