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Waiting for Change

Addiction by drugs
Struggling with some form of addiction

One of the most common errors seen with family members who have a loved one struggling with some form of addiction; whether it’s with street drugs, alcohol or some prescription drug, is to wait for things to change. Most addicts are on a one way road to self-destruction and will take anyone who enables down with them. This is usually not completely intentional but more a phenomenon of attempting to survive without feeling the pain of withdrawal or else. The addict will use close relatives and friends who have a weakness for anyone that is suffering.



Professional Drug Rehabilitation

When a substance abuser is in need of a dose or hit just to get on with their day and it is not immediately accessible, that person will seek out the family member or close friend most like to sympathize with their pain to get what they want. The addict will lie, betray, cheat and even steal just to satisfy their need for relief from the painful withdrawal effects. Falling prey to this behavior will only strengthen the addicts bond with the enabler. Each time someone helps the addict to get what they want this increases their solution to use more drugs.


The correct approach to such issue is to refuse to help unless that help is to get this person professional drug rehabilitation and counseling. If they want money you tell them; “I will help you financially if and when you get help for the addiction” or “You want a place to stay, get into a drug or alcohol addiction treatment center and I will help when you complete it”. These and any variation of this approach is what will ultimately help the addict. In other words the person abusing illicit drugs, alcohol or prescription medication must realize help is available but they need to show that they honestly and truly want out from the grip of hell that drugs and alcohol have on them.



Insistence for Drug Addiction Treatment

Your insistence that they seek treatment on a continuous basis will make it so that it will slowly sink into their thoughts. When the day comes and the person says “I’m ready; I want to change; I need help; I’m tired of this lifestyle or I need to go to rehab” this will be your cue. And you now must follow through in a fast action of getting the person signed up with a good residential drug rehab center. Sometimes the best way to go about it is to have a referral counselor already chosen and keep their toll free number close; the less time wasted searching the better the chances of having the addict follow through with their decision to get help.


Don’t wait until the person asks for help to act, act now! Start your research, call various facilities get your information, find out about the options available learn about addiction and you will be on top of it. The more you as a family member or close friend know about addiction and available drug addiction treatments the more you can take responsibility for this person’s struggles and not be overwhelmed by the issue. Knowledge is a powerful tool so take advantage of this and accumulate knowledge.


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