Drug Rehab in 2014

What should be expected in 2014 with drug rehabs and addiction treatment centers? Is the drug addiction scene actually showing signs of improvement or are they getting worse each day? To get an accurate number and assessment it takes at least two to three years of accumulated information from various drug addiction agencies and clinics that deal with drug addiction on a regular basis to determine whether things are improving or not. But a good educated guess can conclude that percentages in the field of drug addiction and alcohol abuse are not on a screaming rise nor are they on a steep decline. The general trend is pretty much as it has been for the last ten years.


You will see shifts in various drug related areas, for instance you may discover that crack cocaine has been on a slight decline for some years now but the use of Marijuana has increased. Then again some provinces will show a rise in the use of Cocaine and a decrease in alcohol among teenagers. So statistics and trends are useful to politician in order to pass certain bills. But for a family member who has a relative suffering with some form of addiction it can appear that drug addiction is a major epidemic. Drug rehab centers and addiction treatment program exist to address all forms of addiction, from alcohol abuse to “huffing glue”, one thing is certain; there exists treatment clinics to help those afflicted with such destructive activities.


In the past year there has been an average of at least one major drug bust in Canada every week, by major we are taking of significant quantity of illicit drugs, guns and money all with the intent to distribute to citizens of some Canadian city. It was also discovered by survey that eighty percent of government funded drug rehabs were full and had an average of three weeks waiting list for a bed. What will 2014 have in store is not much better, there is a very good chance that drug addicts will continue to be put on hold and fend for themselves. Family members will find it just as difficult to locate a good drug rehab or addiction treatment center in 2014 as they did in the past year. Despite our Canadian government’s efforts to counter drug trafficking with new drug policy and funding to bring up awareness to the harmful effects of drugs, it’s just not enough.


There is talk of a twenty first century approach to drug addiction working to establish itself in every province and major city of Canada. Based on a workable model in the USA, the preliminary steps are being worked out. This drug rehab program does it all; prevention, education and rehabilitation. If every drug rehab center and addiction treatment program were to rally together and forge a coordinated push in the direction of eradicating drug abuse, most likely one would notice a significant drop in drug addiction. But one must also realize that drug addiction treatment centers can only exist if there are drug addicted people. So by eradicating drug abuse they are in fact cancelling out their jobs, right? This explains in part why drug addiction is a continuous social problem.


The great majority of drug rehabs in Canada are dedicated, well intentioned and professional in their approach to drug rehabilitation.


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