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Alcohol Use in Canada

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Alcohol Abuse Increase in Alberta

If you or someone you know needs help with alcohol addiction call and speak with our alcohol addiction counselor. This person has many years of experience working with alcoholics from all walks of life and can answer any question you may have on alcohol treatment programs available. Call and find out how we can be of assistance.

Alcohol has always been a social substance used by people from around the world and has a history dating way back before the Roman Empire. Despite all the talk of how bad it is for one’s health not to mention the destructive effects to families, workplace and friends, people still consume alcohol in greater and greater quantity. For one thing it is legal to purchase alcohol as long as you abide by the legal age. There are some remote places that alcohol is banned and it’s illegal to bring alcohol to certain far away villages. But in general you can purchase alcohol almost anywhere as long as you are of age.


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As of 2011 statistics it’s been noted that Alberta is the only province that shows a significant increase in alcohol abuse going from 73.8% in 2010 up to 80.0% in 2011. There is no doubt that this will continue to rise if nothing is done to curb alcohol use in Alberta. People drink alcohol for various reason and some are social others are more drastic. But in any case alcohol addiction is a serious national problem. Though since the tougher laws on drinking and driving and the massive campaigns against alcohol and operating motor vehicles including boats and snowmobiles, it’s certain to have contributed to the lowering of alcohol related death over the past decade.

But underlying all alcohol addiction will be found some painful emotional condition that is still unresolved for the person consuming the alcohol. This can be anything from the death of a close relative, to the loss of one’s job, to a messy divorce or some relationship gone badly. No matter what the underlying pain, alcohol tends to relieve the condition, at least for the time that the alcohol is in effect. When the alcohol effect wears off the pain returns and more and more alcohol is taken. The person will begin to change, their personality takes a turn for the worse, and soon they are drinking every day and all the time and now begins the destructive nature of alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism is not so much a disease as some would have you believe as it is a solution to an unresolved problem. When the alcohol addiction takes over the earlier problem is forgotten and this new problem is now present, but there are handlings for this condition. When alcohol abuse has gone on for too long, the only real handling is for the person to reach out and receive medical detox treatment. The withdrawal of alcohol when taken in large quantity or for extended period of time can be quite severe and life threatening therefore in order to protect the person medical staffs are require during this period of alcohol abuse treatment.


There are many good alcohol addiction treatment programs available and if you need help to locate one for you or someone close to you,
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