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What it takes to get a loved one into rehab

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What it takes to get a loved one into rehab

Getting Someone to Rehab What does it take to get a loved one into rehab? This is a question that has many family members mystified. It’s often not fully understood how far disconnected someone can get with drugs or alcohol. In fact, most individuals will be withdrawn to such a degree that they are not […]

Drug Use & Trafficking, the Effect on Children

Drug Use, Trafficking and Children Recently, in a drug trafficking raid in a Canadian province, the presence of a newborn child and a toddler were in the same room as the drugs and traffickers being arrested. This situation is more common than one would like to admit. Many reports filed by law enforcement officers who […]

Ways of Addressing Alcohol Abuse

Recognizing Alcohol Abuse  Many of us have been to a dinner party or other social occasion where one or more people present may be drinking a bit over the limit. But this would require one to know what the limit is. Often, the limit one observes is based on what we consider too much. Some […]

Treatment Referral Expert

What is a Treatment Referral Expert? It is a person who helps someone decide exactly what kind of rehab center is right for that particular individual.  By going over what type of addiction it is, setting the person up with an intervention if needed, and taking one’s own experience in setting up check-ins and intakes, […]

Marijuana Consumption: Good or Bad

Marijuana Consumption: Good or Bad Canada, Marijuana Decriminalization The date is 17 October 2018, when the Government of Canada’s Bill C-45 receives Royal Ascent acceptance. We saw the decriminalization of the use, purchase, and growing of marijuana nationwide. However, much was left to the individual provinces to determine how they would manage and oversee the […]

Five Qualities of a Rehab Counsellor

A drug rehab counsellor should possess certain qualities. The following attributes should be present to get an excellent treatment program. While there exist different criteria for what constitutes “being an expert,” the following five conditions are extremely important.