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If you need assistance right now to find affordable addiction treatment for yourself or someone close, please call 1-888-488-8434. A professional referral counselor is there to take your call. He will help you find an affordable rehabilitation center that is available and best suited to your needs and situation. So you can end your search for an Abbotsford drug rehab center.

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We strongly advise that you take a moment and call a referral counselor. This person is, in fact, a treatment center referral counselor. We are not representatives of any particular rehab centers. We have helped many people find the right facility to suit their situation and specific needs.

We realize that when someone you love and care about is reaching out for help with their problem, you want to do everything possible. Getting them immediate assistance becomes a priority, and so begins your search for an Abbotsford drug rehab facility.


Substance Abuse

In Abbotsford, like anywhere else globally, addiction begins with a person suffering from some unwanted emotional or physical pain or discomfort. It can be an undesirable personal condition or the loss of someone close. There are as many reasons as there are people.

Substances, whether drugs or alcohol, have a desirable numbing effect. They hide the condition. But the pain returns, the person uses more of the substance with increasingly higher dosages as the person becomes accustomed to it. Soon the need for it to function develops. This is now a new condition called drug addiction or alcoholism, and you need the help of a treatment center in BC.


Abbotsford Drug Rehab Help & Consultation

We assist you in your search to make it as stress-free as possible. When you call our addiction treatment center referral counselor, he or she will do an overall case assessment. This information will help them choose the best options for your situation and needs and put you in contact with a center.

We know substance abuse is a serious matter. We also know that one can overcome addiction. Thousands of people can attest to recovery and are living proof that people can do it.

Knowledge is a powerful tool. The more you know about your options for addiction treatment, the more control you’ll have over the recovery of the one you love. Let us guide you and give you peace of mind and a chance at a life of sobriety. We find treatment centers across Canada.


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    Here are a few residential treatment centers in Abbotsford:

    Peardonville House Treatment Centre (women only)
    825 Peardonville Road
    British Columbia
    V4X 2L8
    Tel: (604) 856-3966
    A 10-week program, some charges may apply.


    Teen Challenge Centre

    Abbotsford Women’s Centre
    4131 Lakemount Road
    British Columbia
    V3G 2J1
    Tel: (604) 575-3930 ext.303
    12-month program 1,000$ intake fee, age 19 or older. The candidate must go through detox first.


    Life Recovery
    2693 Braeside Street
    British Columbia
    V2T 2R5
    Woman-only three-month program.