Tips in choosing a drug rehab or drug addiction treatment center

If you ever attempted to find a drug rehab or drug addiction treatment center you know how crazy it can get. Normally people go on the internet and type in something like drug rehab in blah city or help for drug addiction in, blah. The result, thousands even millions of webpage results show up, right?


Okay so you look through the first 10 drug rehab or drug addiction treatment results and you find a site that appears legit and looks professional so you call. A few things can happen here; the drug rehab center you called can have a voice box “leave a message and a drug addictions counselor will call you right back” which may or may not happen or you may find out from the toll free number that you just called a drug rehab in Mexico. Another thing that can happen is you do reach someone and they take your name, basic information, get your phone number and email, and now you feel someone is listening. So you go on about needing help with your drug addiction today and can you come down to sign up because your about to lose your wife, job and house.


And the lovely lady on the phone tells you that presently they are full but she wants to help you and as soon as a bed is freed up they will call you. So you think, well, okay maybe I can wait a couple of days, not see my drug dealer, so you ask how long before a bed is available? The sweet girl replies 4 to 6 weeks. You hang up the phone frustrated and head back to the internet to find a drug rehab center now.


If this is not familiar to you, it happens to thousands of people every day. There are some important factors to take into account when searching out a drug rehab or drug addiction treatment center for self or someone you care about:


• Know exactly what drugs this person is abusing, you may think its just cocaine but most likely the person is also taking lots of alcohol and could be mixing some medication with this such as sleeping pills, etc. find out ALL that is being abused

• You would need to know the person; if you’re a business man or a professional in any field with a drug addiction problem do you wan to be sleeping next to a recovering crack whore or a biker dud? What type of person are you?
• Do you or the person you’re helping with the drug problem have any medical issues? Not all drug rehab centers have medical staff on site.
• You may want to help this person with their drug problem but have you check to see if there is any sign of wanting help by the drug addict? This may require a professional Interventionist. Sometimes life has pulled its last card; now he or she is facing prison time on drug possession charges or this family member is in the Emergency Room having their stomach pumped and labeled a suicidal risk that may end up in the morgue.


There are many such questions and factors to take into account in choosing a drug rehab or drug addiction treatment center. Not all drug rehab facilities have the same drug treatment approach or service.


My advice is contact a drug referral counselor, give them the information and have them find the right drug rehab or drug addiction treatment center that meets your situation and needs. A professional drug addiction referral counselor knows addiction and the facilities available, call them they can simplify life for you.


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