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Governmental help with drug addiction

Over the years in the field of drug addiction and alcohol abuse, much study and research have been done. As the problem of drug addiction spreads throughout the country and across the planet more precise solutions are needed. Every year drug addiction professionals from various government health agencies in the field of drug addiction gather to discuss the options for drug addiction treatments, drug addiction and alcohol abuse education and prevention strategies.

The only real problem with these substance abuse summits by drug addiction professionals is that the discussions normally end with more meetings in the future and require another summit to find out if such and such should be implemented and who will cover the cost and it goes on and on. Meanwhile, drug addiction continues to cause harm and devastation to families and friends on a daily basis. It’s unfortunate that so much bureaucracy must be present to have any real change by our country leaders, but that is the price for governmental financial support to change drug addiction in our present society. There is another solution.



Another option for drug addiction treatment

But others have opted to go a different route; many dedicated drug addiction counsellors have gone private and without the restraint of bureaucracy can affect change almost instantly. A major trend over the past couple of years has been the appearance of drug addictionDetox and Rehab Treatment Placement Office for Drug and Alcohol Addiction placement counsellors and drug rehab referral counsellors. Because the private drug rehab centers are mainly occupied with the treatment of drug addiction on a daily basis many of them rely on independent drug addiction counsellors and other health care providers to bring the drug addict or alcoholic to them for treatment.


When looking for a drug rehab center most families will simply call their local health care clinic and will be referred to a government-funded drug rehab center. With such a problem as drug addiction, the majority of these funded drug rehabs have no beds available and the only option left is to create a waiting list. And there are other issues at play with government-funded drug addiction treatment centers. Whereas a drug addiction placement counsellor or drug rehab referral counsellor, such as us, do not have any particular agenda but work with hundreds of private drug rehab centers and drug addiction treatment program across the county.


A drug rehab referral counsellor will be able to answer all your questions and some will even do a case assessment, others will possibly have a small fee for their service and others are a free service. Also, it should be known that there are many affordable private drug rehabs and many of these will have some form of financing service and in many provinces, these services are tax-deductible. Your insurance may even be applied to certain private drug rehab centers. In any case, this option is often cheaper than letting the person struggling with drug addiction continue to create hell for everyone which in itself is very costly.


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