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Despite Addiction Treatment,
Ontario drug crimes continue

Recent arrest for illicit drug crimes in Sarnia and Toronto Ontario shows that there is still too little attention on drugs addiction treatment centers in our society. This most recent drug bust worth over one hundred thousand dollars makes one wonder if our government simply wants to keep arresting instead of using the tools available with drug treatment centers.


Most drug addiction treatment centers in Sarnia and Toronto have limited budgets for their drug awareness and drug education campaigns. If all drug addiction treatment centers were given a better budget for their campaigns maybe they would be able to set up some anti-drug dealer and trafficking campaigns.


No matter where you look in Canada whether in Toronto or Vancouver and all the way to Halifax drug dealers are countering the efforts of drug addiction treatment centers. But the story is the same no matter what city in Canada you’re in, the drug dealer will be caught sooner or later, arrested, sent to prison and someone else takes over the territory.


Drug addiction treatment centers are in the business of drug addiction treatment and prevention. In coordination with local law enforcement, they bring about the realization that this is not a prosperous business despite outer appearances. Canada already has astronomical statistics with drug felonies in our prisons costing taxpayers millions. It wouldn’t be so bad if while in prison the drug dealer was given a drug addiction treatment program, at least our tax money would serve a purpose.


Any way you look at it, drug addiction will bring about drug crimes. There is only one proven handling; drug addiction treatment centers and drug rehab programs that get the individual to realize their drug addiction is causing them and family members’ grief and sorrow.


If you know anyone with a drug addiction problem insist they get help before their drug addiction escalates to dealing drugs to pay for their substance abuse. Don’t wait until you’re in court or visiting them in prison. Call a drug addiction counsellor at your local drug addiction treatment center and find out how you can make a difference in someone’s life.


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