Teenagers using drugs in need of help

With the growing number of teenagers using drugs the need to help them is quite real. The school counselors are not drug counselors, and parents are not professional drug counselors either. Our teenagers using drugs on a daily basis or not need our help. Just last week there is talk of a teen drug center in Beaconsfield, Quebec that may be unable to continue caring for our youths with drug problems.


Yet, the community tax payers who enjoy their lovely communities, their cars, swimming pools and other luxuries of their efforts frown when we see a teenager using drugs on our street corner and begging a dollar for their next fix. Yet Teen drug center are making a difference, we as tax payers have a responsibility toward the next generation, we must face the facts that teenagers using drugs are in need of help that only drug rehab centers can give.


Growing up in the 70’s drug use with teenagers was not fully grasped by adults. They were too busy sipping their Scotch, and Bourbon to notice anything wrong with their 15-year old son or daughter, whose hair was getting longer and attitude was getting worse. But over the last four decades much death and pain has brought many parents, who once were that 15-year old teenager, to curve their children away from such activities.


Many parents succeed in doing so but there are still a very large number of teenagers in our present society who missed the message and are finding out that the “cool drug circle” is actually the road to becoming a chilling cold death. As a parent if you could not do the job to keep your teenager away from drugs than at least keep the service available to them. Support your local teen drug center and help teenagers using drugs get the needed help. Do your part to keep the teenage spirit alive.


Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/story/2013/04/23/quebec-portage-teen-drug-centre-batshaw-closing.html


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