Drug Rehab clarified

When you hear someone is going to drug rehab or that he or she is in drug rehab the first thing that comes to mind is a drug rehab is where you speak with a drug rehab counselor and talk of your drug use, the surrounding affairs and after some weeks or months that all will be well.


First off let’s break down drug rehab; drugs are something that alters the state of mind and body, in controlled quantity it helps heal, in uncontrolled amounts it distorts. Rehab; short for rehabilitation; to return to a former ability, in other words when we say drug rehab we are telling people that they will be brought back to a former ability prior to taking drugs, but does drug rehab include body, mind and spirit?



Types of Drug Rehab in Canada

There are hundreds of thousand of drug rehab facilities in North America. But there are only a dozen or so recognized types of approach to drug rehab. As research continues on the subject of drug addiction, changes are being made in how drug rehabs operate. For many years the only accepted fact was that drug addiction was a disease and this is still a strong belief. There are however drug rehabs that have put forth the idea that drug addiction may not be a disease but simply a bad solution to handle some personal problem. Other drug rehabs consider drug addiction to be a chemical imbalance and the drug rehab approach is more chemicals to balance the brain. Another drug rehab philosophy is only a spiritual one, find god within and the drug problem will be cast out like the devil.


The most recent drug rehab approach that is gaining ground and validity is the holistic drug rehab approach. These drug rehab facilities view the drug addiction problem from the position of bad nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles. There is a certain amount of clarity to the holistic drug rehab approach. For instance, a body requires certain nutrients, proteins and minerals to sustain life continuum, for reasons only known to the drug addict, this person decides to put some crystal meth, cocaine or snort some prescription Oxycondone in their body. The holistic drug rehab view on this is that the body recognizes drugs as poison and will fight back to preserve the body and burns up its supply of nutrients; which explains the down when the drugs wear off.


The popularity of holistic drug rehabs is that it makes sense. It does not require a university diploma to understand that a person is destroying their body with drug abuse. This drug rehab approach of fixing the body and unless severely damaged, the mind functions return to former ability. If body and mind are healthy the result is a live spirit.



Help finding a Drug Rehab Center in Canada

The world of drug rehab can be a horrifying place. There are stories of horrific incidents during drug rehab treatment. Anyone in search of a drug rehab should be wary of drug rehabs and do your research, ask questions. The best way to do this is contact a rehab expert, there are groups that are familiar with various drug rehabs in Canada and can give a non biased opinion on them.


The great majority of drug rehabs in Canada are dedicated, well intentioned and professional in their approach to drug rehabilitation. If you would like free advice on choosing a drug rehab in Canada call a drug rehab expert at 1 888-488-8434



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