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Who Are the Experts

Who are the experts on substance abuse treatment? They are educated, physicians and counsellors. They are licensed counsellors. They are people who, many times, have been in the position of being the addict or the family member of an addict.

Just because someone knows how getting drunk or high feels like, does not make them an expert. Education, on-the-job training, internship, experience, are the tools an expert on substance abuse treatment needs in order to help those who seek to break free of addiction.


Experts on Substance Abuse

They know that your success is their success. Compare them to the coach of the high school cheerleading team or the division champions of an important game. They are coaching you through the toughest time of your life and they have the experience and the background to help you reach the goal line.


Compare them to the commanding officer of a unit in combat. Drug addiction is the enemy. Substance abuse treatment is the secret weapon that will win the war. Experts on substance abuse treatment are your comrades in arms, they are your battle buddies, they are your family readiness group.

By knowing what type of addiction you have, the expert can lead you through the proper treatment program. You will become part of a support group that will know what you have taken and where you have been. You will be in a therapy session that will rebuild you from the ground up so that you are stronger than ever before. You will be made accountable, you will be on your way to a second chance and you will be successful, thanks to the experts on substance abuse treatment.

Experts on substance abuse treatment work hand in hand with you and each other in order to make your journey a successful one. They work with city, state and national committees to help make changes that are positive for addicts and alcoholics and their family members.

You will be guided every step of the way through your rehab by experts on substance abuse treatment. At the end of your rehab, just like proud parents, the experts will feel the passion and the pride of your success. Still, their services will not end as they will then set you up with a wonderful aftercare program where you will again be supported and guided by, you guessed it, experts who care and who know what they are doing.


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