Entering drug rehab centers in Canada

Private versus Funded

If you want to know how to enter drug rehab centers in Canada there are a few tips that may be useful to you. First off when attempting to enter a drug treatment center in Canada you normally have but two choices; you can enter a government funded center or you can sign up for a private center.


The biggest barrier to entering a drug rehab center in Canada, especially if it’s a government funded treatment center, is the screening process. Most of government funded centers will require a screening process including; an assessment done by one of their counselor, an interview; some will require a clean drug test, others will ask you to be referred by a doctor or will ask for a medical clearance; you can be asked to be clean for either 48 or 72 hours or even 5 days clean prior to entering treatment. Some will have mandatory detox prior to admittance and lots of paperwork to be filled. The whole process can take weeks to be done and in the end you will most likely be put on a waiting list until a spot frees up and you will have to call every day to ask if a bed is available. This can take 4 to 8 weeks then when they do have a bed they will require you to be sober for more or less 48 hr.


Depending where you live in Canada the situation may be a bit different. In small towns and villages the waiting time can vary with your local government drug rehab center. It’s obvious that there is a major problem with drug addiction and alcohol abuse in Canada. Just do a quick search on the internet for drug rehab centers in Canada or drug rehab Canada and you will see the results are in the millions.


Drug rehab centers in Canada are in big demand. The best way to enter a substance abuse center in Canada is to contact a referral group. These are organizations and groups that offer their service of informing the public about various options available to them and the different drug rehab center in Canada at their disposal. They can help accelerate the process and can sometimes get a person in a program the same day or within a couple of days.


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