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Going to rehab or not

Saturday morning, the sun is shining and neighbours are up early and doing weekend chores in the yard, preparing the pool for the summer, getting the yard ready for bar-B-Q’s. But Cindy’s husband is still in bed, sleeping off a night of partying with his buddies at the locale pool hall.

Cindy tries to wake him but he simply growls and returns to recovery. His body has been subjected to alcohol, cocaine and marijuana. He has burnt up his supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the proper functioning of his body. Cindy has seen this for the last two years and can no longer take it. Every weekend it’s the same thing. She tried to talk to him but he knows it is not a problem, he still works each day, pays the bills, ensures there is food for them what more can he do.

Finally, at 2 pm he gets out of bed, scrambles to the kitchen and grabs a beer. Cindy decides to deal with this once and for all. As she brings up the subject her husband goes on the defensive, attacks her for his lifestyle, blames her for his condition. Cindy does not fall for it. She continues to point out his decisions and their unhealthy relation.

Cindy tells her husband it’s time to face the fact and go to a rehab center. Her husband blows up at the truth and rants about how they don’t work and he is not a drug addict and he can deal with it. Cindy perseveres and insists he must go to an Ontario drug rehab. She now gives an ultimatum or she will leave him.


Her husband is now faced with going or not

This is all too familiar in our present society, they don’t make headline news but every day there is some couple or family member faced with the same circumstances of going to Ontario drug rehab or not. Most people that fight going to drug rehab is simply due to the association with drug addiction; being a junkie, a bum, a homeless person, etc.

But going to Ontario drug rehab or not can be the difference between living and dying. There are too many that chose not to go and ended up in front of a judge, the ER or the morgue. When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol going to Ontario drug rehab is the only answer. There is no OR, even if your wife or husband leaves you, the drug addiction is still there and won’t simply disappear.

If you or someone you know should be going to Ontario drug rehab but you do not know how to handle it, you should contact a rehab expert. There are professional people in the field of drug rehab that can help you get the person to see what must be done.

All drug addiction situations end up with the famous question of going to Ontario drug rehab or not. The answer is simple, to go to drug rehab and stop the addiction before it stops you and all those around you.



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