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Most of us are quite aware when someone close or not so close is using some form of illicit drug or misusing a prescription medication. You can actually see in the person various indicators, physical and psychological that tell us, “Hum…, something is not right here with Joe”. A large percentage of society can probably look not too far away and locate some person who is using some illicit drug, abusing alcohol or a prescription medication.


Alcohol and other drugs will deplete your body's nutrients
Alcohol and other drugs will deplete your body’s nutrients

The odd thing is that this same larger percentage is also the ones that feel nothing can be done about it. Well that is exactly what the Health care system would like you to believe; that addiction is a chemical imbalance and there is no “cure” and the best treatment is to counter balance this with more chemicals or learn to live with it. Well I disagree, having been in the field of addiction both as a counselor / administrator and a private consultant, I can say with certainty that addiction is not a chemical imbalance, but it does cause this. Take a generally healthy person, eats well, exercises and overall does things in a proper and moderate manner, now have this person drink a couple of glasses of wine at a dinner. It will be observed that there is a gradual numbing sensation that appears, a slight tingle, maybe some skin flush, etc. This is alcohol on a micro level travelling through a healthy body affecting every part.


The human body developed over time by the use of proteins, mineral, vitamins and various other natural elements into a functional organism fit for earth activities. When you give this organism some non-productive substance like alcohol, well you get things like was done to the Native American Indian and before them all sorts of mishaps throughout history. In our present technological age where chemicals are a constant daily affair as seen in any product picked out of the grocery store, just read the ingredients. Most of the words cannot be pronounce by even educated men and women. So what happens when a healthy body, organism, is presented with something like “crack cocaine” or “MDMA” (MethyleneDioxy-MethAmphetamine)? This is easily understood with a comparative example using a virus; take the common cold. One morning you’re not quite on your game, bad rest, or late night something that makes you a bit tire, you require the body to get out of bed and get dressed and go to work, on your way you get sneezed on. A minute particle of virus, unseen by the human eye is inhaled and is now multiplying in your body. The body recognizes that its under attack and fights back with its immune system which gets its ammunition from the various vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. by the end of the day you’re depleted of ammunition and “feeling under the weather”, your arrive home and crash.


Well you can stay in bed and have chicken soup; you can take a Nyquil, etc. but the truth of the matter is the bacteria that entered the body is a foreign substance and requires additional protein, vitamins, minerals, etc to fight it off properly. Drugs and alcohol are foreign substances and the body acts the same way “ah! Poison, quick must eliminate” is the body’s response. The person with addiction loses more natural immune material with one hit of cocaine, a joint of pot or other poison then it can replenish, thus the degrading appearance of people with addiction.


The real solution is to supply the body with the proper nutrition needed to counter the effects of the poison taken. This is the step known as detox, unfortunately very few professionals use this method; why? There is more money to be made with substitute sale of replacement drugs then to actually make someone healthy again. And that is ONE opinion on drug and alcohol addiction. I hope this gives someone with the means to make a change, something to think about. Millions are spent each year on solutions that only cost more millions, why not handle it once and for all and give addicts a chance at a real life full of productive activity.



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