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People often feel that prescription drugs are safer as compared to illegal drugs.  Prescription drugs are more readily available to teenagers who more times to none steal or utilize their own parent’s prescription drugs.


Prescription pills are intended for those who they were prescribed for

One fact needs to be stressed about prescription drugs.  Taking prescription pills, which do not belong to you, is illegal.  Prescription pills are supposed to be taken under the guidance of medical professionals.  There are numerous side effects, which could happen from abusing prescription drugs.  The ultimate side effect is possible death.



Always be aware of your prescription pills in your medicine cabinets

Prescription drug problems in Canada

Parents need to be aware of their prescription pills and how much they had in the prescription bottles.  Parents need to take important safeguards in protecting their teenagers from abuse of prescription pills.  Make sure you are always aware of how many pills are in your prescription bottles.  Always throw away the pills, which you no longer need.



Talk to your teens about prescription drug abuse

Talk to your teenagers about prescription drug abuse and the punishments not only by law but also by you will be.  Become attuned to the behaviors of your teenagers.  Are they acting odd?  Weird?  If so, they could possibly be abusing prescription drugs.



Early intervention and early communication is the key to educating teens today

Teenagers who have parents who discuss with them the risks of abusing prescription drugs are far less likely to abuse drugs.  This is a sure sign that if parents talk to their children about prescription drug abuse that this is a means of early intervention.  Parents need to discuss the dangers of prescription drug abuse before it is too late.  You do not want your teens to become merely a statistic.  Talk with them openly and honestly about prescription drug abuse.  Parents are the front lines to battling prescription drug abuse.


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