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Drug Rehab Centers in Ontario

The quickly rising numbers of those who are addicted to drugs in the province of Ontario reveals some startling information. The first of which is that the age of the first time user of drugs is getting lower in the last five years alone. This can mostly be attributed to the ease of which many drugs can be obtained. Unlike alcohol addiction, there are several different types of drugs that a person can experiment with. Drug rehab services, then, focus in on the user instead of the drug.



Drug Rehabilitation in Ontario

Must like any other province in Canada, Ontario is feeling the weight of the burden of what people who are addicted to drugs are likely to do. Crime increases, death among the younger population increases, education ceases, and the toll on marriages, and families, is catastrophic. Drug rehabilitation services in Ontario have changed their defensive posture and are now actively engaged in the war on drugs.



The Role of Ontario Drug Rehab Centers

It was often thought that the drug addict, or alcoholic, should have to hit what is called “rock bottom” before treatment would be successful. However, through extensive research, and people who are committed to fighting addiction, this is now not the case. The role of drug rehab centers in Ontario has a much different approach to alcohol and drug treatment.



Focus on User Instead of Drugs

With so many different types of drugs on the market today it is almost impossible to stop the flow. Ontario drug rehab centers have begun to change the focus in the way that they treat drug addictions. Drug addiction can have two forms. First, there is the psychological dependence that the user has to battle. Their mind believes that they need the drugs in order to live. Second, there is the physical addiction. Because of the chemical build up in the brain, the body sets itself up to receive these doses. The focus is now two fold. Treatment should be both psychological and physical.



Long Term Commitment for Long Term Problem

There is no quick solution for someone who is struggling with drug addiction. The psychological dependence alone can take several months to years in order to combat. With intense counseling, and around the clock care, many people find great success. Several rehab centers, like Narcanon, take this type of approach and have great success without resorting to other drugs. However, it is a long term commitment. A commitment between the rehab center, the person addicted, and their family.



Physical Problems Are Addressed

Besides the psychological addiction of the drug, there is also a physical dependence. When the addict does not have the drug anymore, the physical problems can then become severe. This means that alongside the counseling, there are also withdrawal specialists ready to treat the detox process and the changes with the body.


Many rehab centers see some success, but by attacking the personal problem of drugs, the success rate is higher.


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