Toronto’s alcohol smoking is still alcohol abuse


Here is the latest in alcohol abuse; smoking vapors of some alcoholic beverage has started to show up more and more in Toronto’s younger crowd as a way to get a buzz without the horrible feeling of alcohol in your system.


The media and other supporters will tell you that smoking alcohol does less damage than the liquid alcohol drinking does to your body. When someone drinks alcohol the substance that creates an effect, the fermented yeast or other bacterial item, will cause damage to the intestines, stomach and liver. This actions is countered by the bodies defense system to fight back the poisonous substance by using is natural proteins, vitamins and other poison fighting particles. The burning up of these nutrients to defend causes the effect known as being dizzy, giddy, tipsy, and overall silly. If too much is taken then the body reacts by puking (vomiting) the poison alcohol, a sign of alcohol poisoning.


With the alcohol smoking it is stated that these negative effects are eliminated but the “buzz” feeling is still effective. It also states one does not get drunk. Because alcohol smoking is a recent fad there is no research as the true nature of such alcohol use. Even police are unaware of how this can effect one’s driving skills. One comment on alcohol smoking is the evaporating percentage which contributes to the inability to get drunk. Much of the alcohol evaporates and therefore not inhaled.


Per reports alcohol smoking is best done with alcohol that is at 70% +, without the evaporation rate who knows maybe people are buying a $60 bottle of vodka and only smoking 10% of it. Sound a bit like a rip off for $60.


In any case the one big question that is not asked by the media, or researchers, etc. is why in the hell does anyone need to smoke alcohol or drink it for that matter? Alcohol is a drug; it alters one state of mind and body. Those who feel the need to alter their minds or bodies have underlying, unresolved personal issues to address. Most people drink alcohol because of their inability to deal with some life situation. It could be a mother unable to cope with the 3 kids growing up, a husband who yells all the time or a wife who is unable to perform sexually. Or even a teen age boy whose father thought bringing up a son what like cattle wrangling. Each has some life situation with no immediate solution.


Alcohol in small quantity tends to act like a sedative, is takes the edge off, soon more edging is required, a bit more and it will numb the unwanted feeling, its like an anaesthetic, soon more is require just to wake up in the morning because the body has now adapted to the poisonous effects and just to function requires a considerable amount.


The answer to whether smoking alcohol is still alcohol abuse; is yes it is. Anyone that needs to alter the mind in order to enjoy themselves with others. There lies a drug problem.




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