How many times have we heard the phrase “don’t drink and drive” or is this familiar “haven’t you had enough” or even better “ah, one for the road”. If any of these are familiar I am sure you were enjoying the party and the New Year celebrations.


Celebrating New Years is a long tradition and with it are usually lots of cheering and words of good tidings to one another. There is however another side to this great festive event and it is directed to those who may have some personal issues with substance abuse. Drinking can become a disaster for family and friends, drug abuse can become a trauma that lands someone in the emergency ward, not a good way to start the New Year.


Before you decide to go out with friends and family to celebrate the New Year, asks yourself this: what is my limit? And when do I say enough is enough? Its okay to say no at the next drink or the next line of cocaine being distributed. No one wants to be a statistic or find themselves with a warrant for their arrest; it’s just not worth it.


By all means have fun and celebrate the New Year just be sure to be in the New Year to share your life changes with friends and family, be temperate with your celebration intake. We don’t have to be drunk and unconscious to have fun.




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