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Manitoba Drug Rehab Centers

With over twenty years of working in the field of drug addiction and alcohol abuse we are in a position to help you. Our consultation service is free and with no obligation. We believe that too many Canadians are suffering from drug addiction and are not getting the instant service that is needed. Our drug addiction treatment counselor are aware of the available drug rehabs in Manitoba and across Canada. Our job is to help you and family members find a good drug rehab with a drug treatment program that is right for your situation and needs in the private sector.

Manitoba Drug Rehab

To find a private drug or alcohol addiction treatment center, call 1 888-488-8434 and our experience  counselors will take your call and give you immediate support.

Manitoba is more than just fresh water lakes and pastures to the horizon, it’s made of people but those people are in need of real help. In recent years there has been over five million government dollars spent to bring help to in-patient drug addiction centers in Manitoba. Not to mention an additional one million for out-patient drug rehab treatment. Yet despite this intervention of funding the drug addiction problem continues to elude family and friends.

Manitoba needs to supply not just another quick fix with some prescription pill or a better looking drug rehab building with nicer chairs, but real drug addiction treatment programs that addresses the root of the person’s drug problem. The drug addicts who live in the province of Manitoba need an effective, low cost drug rehab program and above all a friendly one. Look at it this way, how would you handle the problem of drug addiction and alcohol abuse if you had over six-million dollars to invest?

A different approach for drug rehabs, Manitoba

One thing to change when it comes to government funded drug rehab programs is the ruling that the drug addict must stay within the province or area in order to benefit from the subsidized drug addiction treatment program. Over the years it has been proven that people with drug addiction or alcohol abuse problems tend to have more difficulty overcoming these while remaining in their current environment than those persons who are away from those stimulating environments.

When you call our drug addiction counselors he or she will do a general case assessment interview to know the person’s level of drug addiction. With a long list of top drug rehabs and drug addiction treatment programs in Manitoba and across Canada we have a drug rehab that will suit your situation and needs. Drug addiction and alcohol abuse are serious and usually complex issues, let our drug addiction counselors help you find the right drug rehab.

We know drug addition can be overcome but it starts with the right drug rehab. Find out which drug rehab and drug addiction treatment program is best suited to your situation, you may be surprised, call us. Get the needed professional advice from one of our experienced drug addiction counselors who know what will work best for you.

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  1. Its so true what is written above, i have gone to so many centers i cant count them. I cant afford private programs but the government will give us programs with more prescription drug to deal with the pain and trauma of trying to stop. I can only say this today because every now and again i get a clear view of my life as it is now but tomorow i will most likely be back in craving and be out of it for days.

    I hope some day our government will see that there is another way. I used to be a good welder and i enjoyed my job, now i cant even hold a torch steady. Help me find true sobriety.