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Private Detox & Addiction Treatment for Yukon

Do you have a loved one struggling with drug abuse or alcoholism? Are you finding it difficult to enter a Yukon drug rehab center? It is possible to find support and guidance for affordable help with addiction. Simply speak with a professional addiction referral counsellor by calling our toll-free number. 

They will work with you to get that person into an affordable private treatment center. In talking with them, they will get all the needed information to propose options for treatment. We service all provinces and territories in locating the right addiction recovery facility most suited to your needs and personal situation. You just need to call.

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1 888-488-8434
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Group Counselling  AA meeting in Yukon

Public Access Rehabs in Yukon

It is not to say that the sponsored programs in the Yukon cannot help, but most public centers often have extended wait lists. If the addicted can keep clean and be patient, after detox service, until their name is contacted to come in for treatment, then that is great. However, it is not the case with most of those suffering from substance abuse.

Online Addiction Recovery Coaching for Yukon

In some circumstances, one may feel that their substance use is getting a bit out of control and worrisome. They consider going to rehab a bit of an overkill. But they want to do something to get more control or want to quit altogether successfully. We have developed an online program to help people in that situation. It is done from the comfort of your home in Yukon. A coach contacts you through Skype a few times weekly, and you get personal one-on-one coaching. However, not everyone qualifies for the program. You can read more about our coaching sessions here. According to past participants, one can strengthen control and have a new perspective on life.

Cry Out for Help – Yukon Drug Rehab

The issue is the same whether in the Yukon, other territories, or provinces with funded services. For residential treatments, when you call, they tell you to call back or make an appointment for an assessment. If you miss the interview, then you start back at the beginning. Or you are given another number to call that puts you on hold and then tells you to call back to another number, etc. The point is that person asked for help now. You can’t put them on hold. One must act and act fast.

The person struggling with abuse to mind-altering substances will only have small windows for help. When not taken seriously, that window usually closes in a day or two. More often, it is shorter, which is true for Yukon as it is for any other place. So, when the person says, “I want help,” “I had enough,” etc., you must be vigilant and act fast.

Professional Referral & Consultation for Yukon

Our referral counsellors are very professional and go above the call of duty to help those seeking aid. We understand what is at stake. Waiting can sometimes bring irreversible consequences. Overdose is but one of those, and incarceration is another. Therefore, don’t push it off; deal with it immediately. As you observe, addiction to drugs and alcohol often brings much misery to those close to the abuser. And most families across the country are simply not trained to deal with the issue making it that much harder.

Yukon Drug Rehab & Change of Environment

Our referral counsellors have worked in this field for over twenty years. They know what facilities offer their services to Yukon residents and where they are located. Attending a rehab service usually requires the person to leave their hometown. From a certain perspective, this is a good thing. Many counsellors will agree that a change of environment is a step in the recovery process. New surroundings will be less inviting to triggering unwanted emotions and feelings. A new location increases attention to the treatment program and provides well-being and readiness to tackle the problem.

Yukon Drug Rehab Center & Private Services

You have the power to make positive changes in the life of that person. But it begins with a call to someone knowledgeable in the field. Take the time to contact our drug and alcohol treatment specialist. They will work with you to find a solution and bring sanity and peace of mind to you and the addicted person. Being well informed on your options is crucial. Call now. A counsellor is standing by to take your call.