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Nunavut Drug & Alcohol Rehab Options

We help thousands of people find solutions for a drug and alcohol-free life. Finding peace of mind is possible by choosing the right rehab or detox center for a Nunavut resident. There are two options one can choose to recover from drugs or alcohol, public access or the private sector. Each has its own system and particularities. If you are looking for a private drug and alcohol rehab in Canada, call us.

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Nunavut Communities & Diversity

Nunavut communities have a very diverse culture. Yet it has been plagued with another added activity, less than cultural, that of alcohol and drug abuse. Going back a hundred plus years, you would rarely find this activity. As exploitation of the land increased, so did the import of liquor and other controlled substances. This has continued to require the talk of mandates to ban the import of liquor and other substances. Although it does not mean it does not enter certain communities in Nunavut territory. It does, however, mean that it creates a new challenge above the existing challenges.

Nunavut Drug & Alcohol Treatment & Support

Drugs and alcohol have become such a problem that it requires financial aid to put support system to help Nunavut residents. These centers have staff who have a background and understanding of addiction. There are now public services available to assist those struggling with substance abuse. Many are day programs, inpatient treatment, and support groups. But the growing problem requires more assistance. Even if the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission regulates the import of these substances, bootlegging remains a problem. In other words, the problem doesn’t reside in controlling these substances, although it helps. The real issue is with the individual.

Why Abuse Substances?

Why does a person accept or consider using mind-altering substances? What pushes the person toward alcohol? Drugs, etc.? The answer is quite simple and, in fact, applies not only to those in Nunavut but to all other parts of the world. People will use substances to bring relief to pain, discomfort, or upsets. Feeling physical or emotional pain or discomfort with no solution in sight will push a person to numb it. Alcohol is a depressant; it tends to calm people down and numbs. But a bigger problem awaits, as the person uses more, they need more to get the same effect, and a new problem develops, dependency. The same occurs with cannabis, cocaine, painkillers (opiates), etc. So, one can ask, what is the solution?

Best Drug & Alcohol Rehab Nunavut – Private Centers

The best solution for long-term sobriety and relapse prevention would be dealing with the addiction and getting life skills. Abuse of any substance requires a detox period, also known as a withdrawal step. This action removes the person from the substance ingested. When the body no longer craves, one can begin education, life skill training and one-on-one addiction counselling. Learning to deal with daily life situations without alcohol or drugs is important for rehabilitation. The main issue when looking for a Nunavut drug and alcohol rehab is finding the right treatment method. Though residents of Nunavut have many services to choose from, it does not guarantee suitability to the person and their individual needs. When one chooses the right approach, success greatly increases.

Private Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Nunavut

The other option for help with substance abuse is the private sector. This is a paid-for service. The positive side is a very short wait time if any. The other is that you will receive a more personalized treatment and care and more one-on-one counselling. These centers offer single or double occupancy. You will not be in a large dorm with five or eight or more people. The cost varies from center to center, and it depends largely on the length of stay. There are many facilities across the country to service any resident from Nunavut. Call our referral counsellor for any assistance you may require.