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To receive immediate help in locating a private drug rehab centre in Canada for you or someone close to you, call and speak with one of our professional treatment centre referral counsellors. We have many years of experience working with families and friends of people suffering from addiction, whether young and old. We know the importance of finding the right treatment centre suited to your situation, needs, and budget. There is no need to wait for a bed or go through all the government red tape; call for immediate help. There are affordable treatment centres in Canada.

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Canadian Drug Rehab Centre Help

Luckily, resources are available in Canada. Substance abuse recovery centres and other services like detox, day programs, or residential treatments, to name a few, are there to halt addiction and get the person back on track to a healthy and promising life. Some are locally funded: others are private or semi-funded centres. There are many different treatment options available. We service all residents of Canada, no matter where you are or who you are. You need to call and talk to one of our referral counsellors, and they will help you.



Drug Problems in Canada

According to the World Health Organization, almost 80% of Canadians 15 or older drink alcohol; most drink moderately. According to Health Canada, 4 to 5 million Canadians engage in high-risk drinking leading to health issues, family problems, crime, and violence. About 1 in 6 Canadians have used illicit drugs during their lives, and recent statistics (2011) show that drug consumption has come down since 2004. But for families that have a substance abuser, statistics do not mean a thing.

Treatment Program Characteristics

When working on selecting a facility, one should consider several characteristics of the centre and the program they provide. How long is the program? Do they offer a healthy, natural, and holistic approach to treat addiction and options for aftercare?

There are also several options available. One could look into an intensive outpatient versus an inpatient program. One might also decide between residential rehabilitation centres or detox centres. And consider the cost before selecting a treatment centre.


Choosing a Center

When choosing the best possible drug rehab center for yourself or your loved one, be sure to call the different centers and ask questions. Make sure they answer to your satisfaction and ask them about their treatment approach and their success rate. Beforehand gain for yourself knowledge of the different available treatment options.

Once you talked with the various centres, schedule a time with the facility that looks more promising and arrange a tour. Be sure to note the facility’s cleanliness and the overall attitude of both the staff and residents. For help in finding the right drug rehab centre, you should call us. We have years of experience in the field.

Private Drug Rehabs in Canada

We are a small group of people who have worked in drug addiction and rehabilitation to substance abuse. Our service is quick free and confidential. We help families and addicts that are looking for an alternative to public-access beds in residential treatment programs. There are many affordable private treatment centres in Canada; we can help you find one.

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