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“I am frustrated with trying to help a relative struggling with illicit drug abuse. What more can I do?”

Calling Addiction Referral & Consultation Services may be the answer to these issues. Talk to our certified drug and alcohol treatment specialists taking your call in PEI. Maybe they will be able to find a treatment centre for you. Our counsellors work in the field of substance abuse for quite some time now. Their knowledge of PEI drug rehab centres can help you decide how you want to assist the person you want to help. Their years of experience give them a unique view of people’s addiction and surrounding issues. You may be surprised at what you can find out.

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Prince Edward Island Drug Rehab Centers

For immediate help with drug addiction treatment, call us to speak with one of our counselors. There is no fee or obligation for this service; we have seen too many families suffer from drug or alcohol abuse and not finding a suitable treatment facility in PEI on an immediate basis. Our counselors have years of experience and are knowledgeable of the different treatment centers in Canada. Let us help you by locating the drug rehab center with the best drug addiction treatment program that will suit your particular situation and needs.

Prince Edward Island’s unspoken drug problem

On the surface, PEI all seems serene and peaceful but under the social coating is drug addiction by young and old alike. The problem of addiction to pain-killers in Prince Edward Island is ever-present, and it’s only due to less population that drug addiction appears less menacing. Every major city in Canada and PEI is no exception, will have some issues with drug addiction and drug addiction treatment. 

But locating a good drug rehab center can be difficult. Normally people will contact their government-funded drug addiction treatment center for help only to find out there are no beds available. We don’t agree to put drug addiction treatment on hold; it must be attended to with qualified drug addiction counseling.

Prince Edward Island Drug Rehab Help

It takes an experienced drug addiction counselor specially trained in the field to assist Prince Edward Island’s families in need. When a nephew, a daughter,  son, or aunt is suffering from drug addiction, it’s normal to want to help. Our first reaction is usually “NO, not my little boy.” But drug addiction and alcohol abuse have no boundaries and are a growing problem. PEI is no exception but finding a good drug rehab center requires knowledge. We can help with drug addiction. We know which drug rehab in Canada is delivering what program.

We are here to help! Just give us a call.

PEI Drug Rehab Centers

The resources in government health services are limited. Our experienced drug addiction counselors can help the people of PEI in many ways. We’ll do a general case assessment to determine the degree of addiction. Then we can orient you to the most suitable treatment program suited to your situations and unique needs. Our drug addiction treatment counselors ensure all your questions have been answered and your loved one, friend, or you have received the help you wanted.

Don’t be on PEI’s waiting list. Stop searching. Above all, don’t wait until you get the dreaded call from the police, the emergency ward, or worse, the morgue. Our referral addiction counselors know that this issue can be overcome. Thousand are now living happy drug-free lives.

You deserve the best chance at recovery, and it all starts with a call to our drug addiction treatment counselors. To find out which is the best drug rehab center for you, give us a call.

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