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PEI Painkiller Epidemic – 2013

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Painkiller addiction in PEI

A drug is a drug, whether it is alcohol, pot, cocaine or Rx drugs. By definition any external substance that alters the natural metabolism of an organism, physical or mental is a poison and has a negative effect.

For anyone on Prince Edward Island to state that “prescription drug abuse is at a national average and lower then a neighboring province is foolish”. No amount of drug use is okay or acceptable. Reasonable attitude toward any amount of drug abuse is not taking this drug issue seriously.

I do however agree that addressing the individual addiction would be more beneficial than incarceration. Is drug addiction a disease? This is still under debate, some professionals and large corporation producing so called “solutions” would continue to believe so. Just look at the amount spent on Methadone treatment across the country. If you have ever seen a person attempt to withdraw from methadone you know what I am talking about, horrific!

A more studied approach would be one that addressed the physical damage done to the body by the poison intake by natural nutrients that rebuilds the damage tissues. Then address the psychological effects caused by such poisons with humane counseling and care, followed by structured means of education on how to deal with daily life and gaining some self-confidence and respect. Assist the person to set up some purposes and goals in life.

To handle the social drug problem it simply requires removing the want, no want no sales, one person at a time, drug prevention, education and a large anti-drug campaign. Part of the problem is those who would and have the power to change things are themselves involved in some way for their own personal benefit. It would explain why after more than 4 decades were still dealing with illicit drug abuse, despite the minute changes in statistics to help governments officials sleep better at night.

Source : https://www.oyetimes.com/news/canada/41119-pei-s-hysterical-pain-killer-epidemic