When to involve an interventionist

In many cases where a family member is doing drugs and or alcohol and their abuse has been going on unchecked for some time it’s safe to say this person has a drug addiction. Substance abuse in some cases can occur fairly rapidly whereas with others it can take many years before you can label it as abuse or as drug dependent.

When a drug addict is lying to you, things in the house are disappearing mysteriously or each question being asked of the drug addict is replied with an accusation towards you; you know it’s time to get this person into a drug rehab program.

Many family members worry about a loved one that is addicted to some form of drug this includes alcohol. They fear that their brother, sister, father, or cousin will either end up in prison, in the emergency room, or in the morgue. An enormous amount of family members dread receiving a phone announcing the worst.

The Lighter Approach

It’s understandable that they want to help this person. Often it begins with the lighter approach of talking to the addict over and over and the response is always the same; the addict promises to quit and will stop using drugs and denies the need for drug treatment altogether. But you soon find out that they have not stopped drugs but just got more secretive about it.

The next step is usually an approach of anger and threats towards them to stop and once more the drug addict will abide and appease you by promising to do better but still says that he doesn’t need drug treatment. But soon after you find that they are back using drugs again and you doubt if they ever stopped using as they promised.

Usually by this time many months’ even years have rolled by with continuous trouble and disturbance to family, friends, and co-workers. He or she may have had a few run-ins with the law or lost a job and has a worsening attitude but is still confident that his/her problem isn’t serious and states that he/she can stop at any time by themselves. They start accusing you of many horrible things in an attempt to make you wrong or feel guilty and put attention on you and not on them.

Professional Intervention

The time has arrived to take matters into your own hands and take out all the stops and bring out real love, tough love and care about this person no matter what. They have made it clear that they don’t have a problem even though their life is crumbling and their personality has changed so much that you cannot recognize them. Their future depends on family and friends pulling together as one major decision; to save this person’s life. Soon enough drugs or alcohol will kill them, fast or slowly but in the end, substance abuse will win the day, if you don’t intervene.

An intervention is done in such a way that the addict comes to see and agrees that he or she needs help. A drug intervention that is well done is smooth and calm and is about the addict’s problem and not about the problems that he or she caused the family. Antagonism and anger have no business in an intervention, in fact, they will do just the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

Profession Interventionists have years of experience dealing with drug addicts and family members they know what to do and how to do it. He would coordinate the meeting with the family members and friends and act as a mediator.

If you in the above situation and you can’t seem to have the energy or capabilities to bring an intervention to fruition don’t wait any longer it will only get worse, set up an intervention with the help and assistance of a professional drug interventionist.

Help is available to find a good drug Interventionist, call our toll free number if you need assistance.