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Private Rehab Services for Saskatchewan

Treatment centres in Saskatchewan cater to people with drug and alcohol addiction, prescription medication abuse, and opioid misuse. There are different treatment programs offered, some are private, and the ministry covers others. But whether you are looking for a detox, an outpatient program or a long-term residential treatment centre, they have a waitlist. With perseverance and determination, an addicted person can get admission. Having a family doctor’s or an addiction counsellor’s referral note can help speed things up.

The first step for admission is an assessment. This step can be done on the phone or in person and is necessary because it determines the person’s state and what program is best suited to them. There are two options for drug rehabilitation as mentioned above; private or ministry subsidized. Even though alcohol remains the number one drug in Saskatchewan, fentanyl overdoses have increased. The rate of deaths to fentanyl tripled since 2019 and is a concern.

Options for Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Saskatchewan

Over the years, there have been some efforts from the Saskatchewan government to help those with drug and alcohol problems. Even though there is a waitlist system, these drug treatment programs want to help. They cannot satisfy the increasing demand for substance abuse treatment programs. There is a high percentage of residents waiting for a spot for treatment in any city or town. The option of private recovery programs might be worth looking into as a solution.

Treatment Centres for Saskatchewan 

Residents of Saskatchewan have been dealing with drug addiction and alcohol abuse problems for quite some time. There are options other than the local public community centers. The subsidized treatment center and drug addiction program have the best intentions to help drug addicts and alcoholics of Saskatchewan. Still, they deal with government budgets and therefore are limited in the number of people they can help at any given time. That is why you will find that most of them have a waiting list.

To get immediate help, finding a private detox center or private treatment center in Saskatchewan, call our toll-free number. Our counsellors will help you find a quality rehab with a good drug addiction treatment program. There is no cost or obligation for our service. We believe every person suffering from some form of addiction should have the best chance at recovery. Our drug addiction counsellors have many years of experience in the field of drug addiction, and you can consult them for advice and guidance for good drug rehab centers across Canada.

We are here to help! Just give us a call.

Private Treatments for Saskatchewan

“I’m in Saskatchewan and having difficulty locating a private drug rehab? 

You can call Addiction Referral & Consultation Services and speak with our referral counsellor. They will take your call and help guide you to suitable drug rehabs servicing Saskatchewan residents. The counsellor has extensive experience in the field of substance abuse of all types.

There are facilities in your area though most are subsidized. There may be a couple of private centers, and you should talk to us to know the best options. The right program will increase the chances of sobriety.

Also, part of the drug problem is the environmental aspect. People suffering from substance abuse searching for treatment will look for a drug rehab near them. But this only makes it more difficult for the person. One beneficial step in addressing a drug problem is to remove the person from the drug-using area.

Saskatchewan Drug Rehab Center, Private Sector

To help someone with a drug or alcohol abuse problem, you need to contact a professional in drug rehabilitation. Our referral counsellors have years of experience working with drug addicts and alcoholics of all ages. They are there on the streets and know what’s going on with anyone living with a drug problem. They can talk to you, or a family member or anyone you are seeking to help.

The main thing is to reach out and get informed. Know what to do. There are good treatment centers and drug addiction programs in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Don’t wait any further, call.

For community-based drug and alcohol treatment centres visit the Saskatchewan Health Authority.