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If you need assistance or consultation for a private drug rehab call one of our counsellors, with their experience in the field and their knowledge of drug treatments they will be able to advise on your choices and will assist you in admission. There are many affordable treatment centres that can admit people on an immediate basis. If you are looking for a Regina drug rehab facility in the private sector, call and see how we can assist you.

Private drug rehabilitation centres have a wider range of treatment methods and can give quality care. You have nothing to lose by consulting our referral counsellors. There are many treatment centres in Canada that are affordable.

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Regina Drug Rehab Centers & Society

As the capital of Saskatchewan, Regina has a responsibility towards the drug problem in this city. Not only are Regina public access drug rehabs in need of more trained staff but a review of current programs may be needed. The continued criminal activity because of substance abuse is putting a heavier demand on the drug rehab centres servicing Regina and surrounding communities. Waiting lists that span several weeks are not uncommon.

When questions arise asking why there is a waiting list for drug rehab treatment and why is there such a lengthy screening process with community drug rehabs in Regina Saskatchewan, the answer is quite simple really; there is more demand for drug rehab and alcohol treatment than the ability to respond by our government rehabs and other governmental health authorities.

Demand for Treatment

If there is a higher demand for drug rehab in Regina including alcohol treatment there must be a reason this rise in substance abuse and addiction is causing attention. And there is a reason; with a struggling economy and fewer work opportunities, the more desperate a society can become. This creates an unsafe and insecure future which results in a series of consequences, physical and emotional for the individuals in Regina and elsewhere in Saskatchewan.

Regina Drug Abuse Problem

The drug problem in Regina begins with the individual. The first thing to know about a drug problem is that no drug addicts with a drug problem want to be in this condition. How the person got into this condition is also simple. It usually begins some time back in that person’s life; something tragic occurred, something with enough traumas and physical or emotional pain that this person now has a personal unwanted condition.

As time moves on this person whether a resident of Regina or not will seek out some solution to this condition. Accumulated failures to resolve this unwanted condition the person will sooner or later discover that drugs and/or alcohol will temporarily mask or cause a lowered awareness of the condition, at least until the drug wears off. Thus begins the cycle of addiction and resulting drug problem for the individual.