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Private Drug Rehab Centres in Ontario 

How quickly can I get my relative into a private treatment program?

You can enter within 24h or less if needed. A person is hardly ever put on a waitlist in the private sector. To get immediate assistance to find affordable Ontario drug rehabs, call us. Speak with an addiction referral counsellor who has many years of experience working in the field. They know the subject. Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, we can assist. A successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction has several steps. Detox is the first step, and sometimes medical detox is necessary. The next step is a residential drug alcohol rehab in Ontario or elsewhere. If you need assistance, call our toll-free number, or request a callback.

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Addiction Treatment Ontario
Medically Assisted Detox

Over the years, Ontario has also become affected by the opioid crisis. More specific drugs like Percocet, heroin and in recent years, fentanyl and carfentanil became an alarming problem. Discomfort often accompanies withdrawal from these drugs and can sometimes be life-threatening. Or an individual might have an existing medical situation. Both cases would undergo a Medical Assisted Detox with tight supervision.

Experienced detox specialists and medical staff monitor the person during this period of recovery. Most private treatment centres in Ontario ensure safe withdrawal in-house, with medical support staff available 24/7. Heavy alcohol consumption and other drugs may also warrant medical detox. Our Specialists can determine the need for the service for individual cases. We can also help you find a private detox if this is what you want.

Choosing the Right Recovery Program in Ontario

What is the right program for a person? Deciding whether one program is correct for a person requires knowledge of the treatment approach of that centre. Addiction Referral & Consultation Services’ counsellors are knowledgeable in that area. Also, having data on the drug-addicted person’s drug of choice and history of abuse is a factor. The information allows connecting the person with the program that is best for them. Our experienced referral counsellors work with a wide range of private rehab centres in Ontario and across Canada. Part of choosing a suitable facility includes knowing the centre’s focus on addiction. One should put some importance on the treatment method.

Public Access Drug Rehab Ontario

“What about subsidized treatment programs in Ontario?”

It is an option anyone can choose. However, there are some facts to know. In the public sector, there is always an unavoidable delay with admission. The demand is such that waitlists exist, and unfortunately, they are longer now than a few decades ago. What might help speed up the process is a referral note from a family doctor or an addiction counsellor. You should verify with the chosen centre itself to see if a referral will speed things up.

The public system in Ontario also follows a protocol, which is composed of several steps with different interviews. Centres will only accept a drug-free individual (detoxed) and clean for several days. 

Stopping Drugs on Your Own

“My son/daughter says he or she can stop on their own, can they?”

Stopping on their own can occur with mild abuse cases and very strong-willed, self-determined individuals, but it isn’t the case with most substance abuse problems. People can stop for a few days, maybe a week. But cravings or withdrawal symptoms appear, and the person relapses.

There are also environmental triggers that stimulate the want for drugs or alcohol. A person is at risk without the tools to deal with triggers, and many will eventually relapse. Each failure brings a feeling of powerlessness and can have a debilitating effect on the person. That is the main reason why one should seek help.

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Drug Rehab Ontario – Cost of Treatment

The cost for this service varies from centre to centre. The type of facility, any extra services offered, and the length of the program are all factors in pricing. Program costs in Ontario can range from the price of a funeral to a small compact car, and of course, some are more expensive.

Paying for a program can be done in many ways. There are no particular set-up ways to cover the cost of a program in the province. In the field of addiction, often, the situation is urgent, and funds may not be readily available. Some of these centres will offer specific third-party payment methods. Others will accept insurance coverage or payment plans. But it all starts by talking with a representative of the facility in question.

Addiction Treatment Ontario & ARC Services

Our referral addiction counsellors have helped thousands find a suitable facility over the years. Our task is to help you find affordable treatment for your relative or yourself. There are many types of approaches to address drug and alcohol addiction. At ARC Services, our experienced counsellors know the field. We share our knowledge with you. We guide you to suitable private rehab centres in Ontario or across the country if needed. It’s what we do.

If you are asking yourself: “What if I want to wait to see if things get better?”

Don’t. Waiting will only make matters worst and life will continue to be unbearable. Unfortunately, addiction does not take time off; things only get worse. By waiting, you are only encouraging more use which could lead to a fatal overdose. You have nothing to lose when you call us. We will do the general assessment and case profile, then propose options for a pay-for drug or alcohol rehab in Ontario or out of province. Our philosophy is that addiction is not a disease, nor is it a chemical imbalance, at least not initially. A person can overcome addiction.

Finally, if you cannot afford private rehab, we can help you by pointing you in the right direction. Please call for help no matter the direction you want to go.