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Private Addiction Treatment Centers for Belleville

Are you looking for a Belleville drug rehab center but seem to get nowhere? We can help your family find affordable treatment services in the private sector. We are independent agents working for you to get the best possible addiction service for yourself or your family member. Living with an addiction or with someone addicted is difficult and somewhat unpredictable. Affordable recovery centers do exist to service Belleville residents. You can call and see what options you have.

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Belleville Drug Problem and the Pandemic

Across the country, since the pandemic, some people are uncertain or lack confidence in the future. The vulnerable and not-so-vulnerable will ease the discomfort by numbing it out. Other individuals may find a creative outlet like sports or some hobby and seem relatively unaffected. Belleville, like any other city, had an increase in substance abuse since the start of the lockdown.

Belleville Drug Rehab Centers – Choosing the Right One

Addressing addiction requires an understanding of the issues at hand. Knowledge of drugs, their effects, and options for help is important. One must also understand the long-term effects on people. This information may explain why the person acts as they do. Knowing this can give you the means to help them.

Also, one should understand that not all treatment centers are the same. The programs vary, and some people may not need a residential drug or alcohol rehab center. Others might need long-term rehabilitation. Our referral counsellors base their guidance on the person’s degree of addiction.

Belleville Treatment Options

Options for Service

Options for treatment depend on the drug of choice, addiction length, and severity. But there are solutions for Belleville residents. Here are a few treatment plan ptions available to you.

    • Medical Detox Centers

Medical detox may not be necessary for the wider range of substance abusers. But hardcore alcoholics, benzodiazepine misusers and people with medical conditions would need this service. It is worth mentioning that detoxing from alcohol and certain other drugs can be physically demanding and life-threatening.

    • Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabs for Belleville

One could need a 30-day or 60-day residential program. This also depends on the stage of addiction. A residential center (or inpatient) is a live-in drug rehab in a well-supported environment. Most private rehabs offer detox. That means that there is no need to look for a detox beforehand.

    • Outpatient, Addiction Counselling or Coaching in Belleville

When one sees their control slipping away but can still function in everyday affairs, an addiction counsellor or a day or evening program (outpatient) can be all that is needed. However, it’s not always practical for someone with a job and children.  

For those circumstances, we provide an online coaching service. A Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist gives you virtual one-on-one sessions in your home in Belleville. But this is not formal counselling but life coaching. You can read more about our coaching sessions here.

Referral Counsellors and Belleville Treatment Help

Our referral counsellors know substance abuse. Their many years of experience shine through when you speak with them. When you call from Belleville, our referral counsellor will assess the level of addiction and the person’s life situation. From there, they can suggest the best service for that person, whether for yourself or someone else. Once a facility is chosen, they will arrange contact. At this point, you can ask the drug rehab center any questions about the facility, the arrangements, or the admission process.

We like to keep in contact with you, and you are welcome to call with questions. If the chosen centre doesn’t work out, another one can be suggested and contacted.

Belleville Drug Rehab

You Can Do Something

You have the power to bring someone out of the grip of addiction. It does require some commitment, but you’re not alone. We are here throughout the process with you in Belleville. You will get information, guidance, and, most importantly, peace of mind that your relative is being cared for professionally. Call us to find out if there is something we can do for you. If you prefer a public access program in Belleville, we highly recommend ConnexOntario’s website.