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What is Addiction Recovery Coaching

This method of addressing substance abuse can fall under the umbrella of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). However, it is for a new generation of individuals that appear to be more at ease with the cyber world. The idea of offering aid via a computer screen was absurd two decades past ago. With more people connecting to social media and linking to their favourite Blog, Twitter, Podcast, or Instagram account, this medium has opened a new means to offer help.

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Online Coaching

Online Addiction Recovery Coaching – Suitability

Is it successful? It is for specific individuals. It is for people still functioning in their daily affairs but recognises things are not going in the right direction. This service is for light substance abusers and those who cannot attend residential treatment programs. It could be a professional looking for help in a discreet format. It can be a stay-at-home mom who needs to gain control over her drinking. These and similar issues could benefit from this method of treatment.

What is Addiction Recovery Coaching?

It is not Online Counselling Therapy addressing various conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, sexual trauma, and more. What we offer is different. Addiction Recovery Coaching begins with a general assessment and substance severity evaluation. The information will determine if the person could benefit from this service. It is NOT for anyone with heavy opiate addiction or long-term alcoholism, or an out-of-control addiction. The individual will not gain from the service if the abuse continues in between meetings. It would be a waste of time for the person and the Coach. A residential setting where one receives counselling and support 24/7 is better in that circumstance.

What is the Procedure?

For those that do qualify, the meeting can be once or twice a week. In some cases, more and will taper off to once a week. Generally, it is twice a week for one hour or so, depending on the type of program the Coach has set up. A schedule of steps is programmed for each person to bring increase confidence, awareness, and control. Many online therapist or counsellors follow the AA or 12-step method, known as “therapy”, and is different from “coaching”.

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The Uniqueness of Online Addiction Recovery Coaching

Online Addiction Recovery Coaching is not therapy per se. It is more of an educational method to bring about an understanding of the issues at hand. It follows, more or less, the principles of CBT. The subject matter presents knowledge to bring about increase recognition of the source of their abuse. There are drills and home exercises to be accomplished by the person. All of which are supervised by the Online Recovery Coach. The Coach is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist. He or she uses specific and unique references on addiction and human behaviour. It is resulting in a person who now has tools and knows what to do to stay sober.

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