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I have a relative struggling with addiction and want to do something right now?

The best thing to do is to call our toll-free number or request a callback. By doing so, you will connect with a professional referral counsellor. They will guide you to private treatment centres in BC or nearby. Many treatment approaches exist, and our referral counsellors know the various types and can help. There are several good private drug rehab centres in BC. 

Choosing the right one is important. Our referral service is unique, confidential, courteous, and down to earth.   

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1 888-488-8434
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Importance of Help –Drug Rehab Centres in BC

It’s a fact that drugs, illicit or not, including alcohol abuse, will bring a lot of chaos to one and all. A drug abuser tends to be in their world with their own environment. They’re not fully aware of the same things that you and I would be. Their ability to comprehend differences diminishes. 

The only important item for a drug-addicted person is more drugs or alcohol, in other words, their next fix. Most substance abusers will not look for rehab centres in BC or elsewhere; they will continue their habit.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab BC – Professional Help

Residents of BC can get help with addiction on an immediate basis by contacting our professional referral counsellors. If you are not sure how to proceed, they can guide you. You can get simple answers to your questions about drugs, alcohol, and treatment centres in BC. Most people do not know how to get the person the help they need; we can assist.

Referral Counsellors & Drug Rehab BC

Why should I call a Referral Counsellor? A referral counsellor is a professional in the field. His knowledge of the different treatment types and facilities is a definite asset to families struggling with addiction. By giving you some knowledge, it can make life easier. Families with a loved one abusing some substances often lack the patience or know-how to deal with the issue.

Our counsellors work with you to get your relative to a treatment centre in BC. They give you information that will help you make an informed decision.

What to Expect When I Call

The referral counsellor will consult you, do a general assessment, and evaluate the degree of addiction. This information will allow them to connect you with suitable private rehab centres in BC or elsewhere. It will be a centre that is right for the person’s particular needs and situation. Their many years in addiction and the screening of a wide variety of rehabs can make life less stressful for everyone.

Toll-free number 1 888-488-8434

Drug & Alcohol Rehab BC Cost

I’m not sure I can afford a private facility; what now? We recognize that you care about your relatives and others in your life. You obviously want the best for them without going into a financial rut. Centres charge different prices for their service. It all depends on a few things. One variable in pricing is the length of the program, extra services they might dispense like yoga or massages, etc. Another factor in the price is the luxury of the centre. In fact, the cost of a program can be similar to a second-hand compact car or that of a Mercedes Benz.

Government-subsidized facilities in BC are always an option. With perseverance and dedication, a person can enter such a program. What may help is a referral note from a family doctor or an addiction counsellor. We recommend calling the chosen centre itself to see what can you can do to speed things up. Keep in mind that the public system in BC follows a protocol for admission composed of several steps. For the most part, subsidized programs will only accept a drug-free individual (detoxed) and clean for several days. 

Choosing the right addiction treatment program no matter what sector will increase their chance at life-long sobriety. To help families in need, most private treatment centres in BC will offer financing options, and some accept insurance coverage.

Right Program – Drug Rehab BC

The right program will help the person overcome their drug or alcohol abuse by getting to the underlying personal issues and giving them Life Skills. Doing something about their abuse or addiction will stop their suffering. When a person is permitted to continue, the pain persists for them and the whole family. But you can change that. There are many good rehab programs in BC. How do I get the process of recovery started? It begins with a call to a drug addiction referral counsellor. They are there to listen, support, inform, guide, and bring understanding to the issues at hand. It’s what we do, dial our number below, a referral counsellor is standing by to take your call.