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Drug Rehab Vancouver

 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Vancouver

For assistance in locating an affordable private rehab servicing Vancouver, call our toll-free number. You will connect with one of our experienced referral counsellors. We will work with you to help guide you to the private residential treatment center best suited to your particular needs and finances.  Fast admission process and personal care is what you find in the private sector.

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Steps to Addiction Services in Vancouver

Vancouver drug rehab centres, as anywhere else in the country, use different approaches to recover from drug and alcohol dependencies. In all cases, a person wanting help from a substance abuse treatment program will start with an assessment. This action determines the severity of the addiction and the willingness of the individual. It also permits finding the appropriate treatment method. Whether you are looking for a detox, an outpatient treatment program, or a residential rehab, medical detoxification is sometimes necessary. Polydrug abusers, heavy long-term alcohol use, and medical conditions can require medically assisted withdrawal.

Once the withdrawal management step is over, the substance abuse rehabilitation program can begin. The best rehabs address the underlying cause of addiction not just the physical dependence. The chosen treatment should also take into consideration the addicted person’s viewpoint and conviction.

Residential Rehabs Vs. Outpatient Treatment Centres in Vancouver

There are residential rehabs and outpatient treatment programs in Vancouver. Depending on the drug abused and the addiction’s length, one would choose one or the other. Most addiction counsellors recommend residential program facilities. These facilities offer safe and secure environments without the day-to-day bustle. The inpatient service is also more intense, meaning that it is a seven-day activity, whereas the outpatient program can vary in time. There are also different lengths of time for residential addiction treatment centres.

  • Long-term Residential Treatment

A long-term residential program has 24-hour supervision of a 6 to 12-month length. These facilities focus on resocializing the individual. Known as a therapeutic community, it focuses on the individual’s accountability, responsibility, and social productivity. It is a highly structured method of addressing the person’s interaction with others and their self-concept and destructive beliefs. Six to 12-month residential programs are available in the Vancouver area.

  • Short-term residential treatment

Short-term residential treatment programs are usually a 28-day stay in either a community-type or family-type setting. Depending on the centre, it can have a few to a good number of people attending. Most of these facilities base their program on the 12-steps model, have a group and sometimes one-on-one addiction counselling. There are governmentally operated facilities and private centres in or around Vancouver. Both have slightly or very different approaches.

Vancouver Drug Rehab Centres – Private Services

We recognize how difficult life can get when you see someone you love suffering from addiction. Their abuse can be slight or out of control but destroys their lives and those close to them. The sleepless nights, anxieties, lies, betrayals, and worries are all the consequences of drug addiction. We know that it does not have to be that way; things can change. Our referral counsellors are familiar with the various treatment centres in Canada. Their task is to guide you or a loved one towards the best private recovery centre suited to their needs and personal situations.

Addiction Vancouver & Help

The addict is attempting to handle some unwanted condition by using drugs or alcohol. This solution can rapidly turn into a dependency. Whether in Vancouver or elsewhere in BC, the story is the same; people use drugs to find relief from unwanted situations. There are as many situations as there are people with addiction. After numbing the pain, the person forgets why they use drugs, and their life becomes complex. The right treatment program and addiction counselling can help them overcome their issues.

Fentanyl, Cocaine, Meth and Other Opioids Causing Toxicity Death in Vancouver, BC

The Vancouver Coroners Service reports that from 2018-20 the top four drugs detected in illicit drug toxicity deaths were illicit fentanyl and analogues* (87%), cocaine (49%), methamphetamine/amphetamine (39%), and other opioids (31%). In an investigation into illicit drug overdose, fentanyl increased from 5% in 2012 to 85% in 2020. Methamphetamine/amphetamine increased from 14% in 2012 to 43% in 2020. Although cocaine and other opioid deaths are on a decline, cocaine is still responsible for 46% of the ODs in 2020 in Vancouver.

Other substances include:
Ethyl alcohol 28.6%
Benzodiazepines 6.8%
Other stimulants 2.9%

*Fentanyl & analogues include different variants of fentanyl, carfentanil, and others.

Treatment Centres Vancouver & Referral Services

Vancouver residents do not need the frustration of helping a loved one with their addiction. At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, we are ready to work with you in getting your loved one help. There exist dozens of approaches to treat addiction to street drugs, medication abuse, or alcoholism. We can help you find an affordable one and get that person you care about in a recovery centre. Knowing which program is suited to your loved one’s personal needs and situation is important. More families are now seeking help in the private sector than public access programs for easier access and one-on-one counselling. There is no long waitlist in this sector. A family should consider the private sector for these reasons and others.

Vancouver Drug Rehab Centres & Help

Adding unnecessary time will only bring more sorrow to one and all in Vancouver. Getting help right away with substance abuse often requires assistance from those that know the subject of treatment and recovery. Just as you would see a mechanic for car trouble; so, you should see a professional in addiction. Do not struggle to try to find the right treatment centre in BC by yourself. Every centre you contact will tell you they have the best program. And of course, they believe they are, but is it the right one for the person you want to help? Working with an experienced referral counsellor is simple; it only requires a call. We offer this public service to all Canadians.

Immediate Service for Sobriety in Vancouver

For assistance in locating an affordable private treatment centre in Vancouver, or surrounding areas, call our toll-free number. You will connect with one of our experienced referral counsellors. We will help you find a facility that is suited to your particular needs and finances. If you are looking for a public access service, please browse through the BC online directory or see a listing for the different provinces and their recovery services.

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